GSA’s Telecommunications Solutions

To acquire telecommunications solutions for your agency, look no further than GSA’s Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions or EIS. EIS is a “Best-in-Class” contract vehicle; cited as the “pillar of modernization” in the Report to the President on Federal IT Modernization. it is the follow-on contract to Networx, Washington Interagency Telecommunications Systems or WITS 3 and GSA’s Regional Local Service Agreements. In fact, EIS consolidates over 90 separate contracts into one $50 billion, 15-year contract. All current and emerging telecommunications technologies and services are included. There are several advantages to using EIS: It simplifies the process of acquiring telecommunications and IT products and services offers the best price through competition and price visibility, It includes pre-vetted vendors that are qualified to deliver a complete portfolio of cyber-security solutions, and industry suppliers can incorporate emerging technologies, and agencies have the flexibility to address their unique mission needs. EIS has an “on-ramp” capability to add new service providers throughout the lifecycle of the contract. EIS is the only federal contract vehicle to incorporate both DHS and OMB cyber policy directives. All suppliers must obtain a Business Support System Security Assessment & Authorization before they can sell through EIS. EIS also expands opportunities for small businesses. 40% of contract holders are small businesses, and all large businesses submitted subcontracting plans. And if you are not yet using EIS GSA offers transition support. To learn more: Call us at: 855-482-4348, or visit our IT Solutions Navigator to find the right solution for your agency

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