Great power consumption monitor for your home appliances and electronic devices

Hello, everyone. Welcome to ITEAD Studio. Sonoff Pow is not only a WIFI smart switch but also a power consumption monitor for your home appliances and electronic devices. Now, I’ll take an bulb for example. Connect the live wire of a power plug to to the input live terminal of Sonoff Pow and connect the neutral wire of the power plug to the neutral terminal of it Next, connect the live wire of this bulb to the output live terminal of Sonoff Pow in the same way, and then plug the neutral wire of this bulb to the neutral terminal of it. Plug in the power supply. Download and install E-welink on your smart phone. Press and hold the “Set” button of Sonoff POW for a few seconds, Then, hit the “Add device” button in this APP and follow the wizard to add the device. Name your device, lastly, click “ok”. Now, this device is added successfully. Look, it shows you the real time power of the device. So it can help you learn which are energy-hungry appliances in your home and replace them with energy-saving ones. Hit the clock icon, next, click the “Start” button, and after a while, hit it again. You can measure power consumption during this time. Hit the “curve” icon, you can view daily electricity usage graphs for recent months. So it can help learn how your home uses energy. In other words, it provides you another way to save energy and money. The following some features make it used as a smart switch. Hit the on or off button, you can remotely control the bulb. Hit the Timer icon at the bottom, you can set timing schedules to let it turn on or turn off automatically at a fixed, periodic interval. If you hit the “Countdown” icon, you can control it ON/OFF at a set time. Ok, get moving and try it to check out whether there are some energy-hungry appliances in your home.Thank you for watching.

12 comments on “Great power consumption monitor for your home appliances and electronic devices”

  1. ali alsaleh says:

    U r not reply u r Clint?! Wish u answer here
    I have sonoff and I couldn't upgrade frimware from 124 to 152 i try many times !!
    And when this model or x model will support IFTTT?


  2. Luc Peeters says:

    Pressing the curve icon to view the graphs on my new Pow seems to do nothing… screen goes black and crashes application after while. Tested this on a Oneplus One and a Huawei P9 lite.
    Also very disappointed by the quality of the printing on top. Should show input and output marked. What I see are unreadable ink blobs and the rest doesn't scream quality.

  3. Nadja Brianto says:

    never succeed to make it works. i'm not alone in this case.
    Impossible to connect sonoff pow to server. itead site doesn't help anyway
    so, think before buying this.
    i have three sonoff at home, none work.

  4. Sonoff.Ukraine says:

    Очень хорошее устройство. Можно узнать сколько потрачено электроэнергии

  5. rebel rebel says:

    is it possible to add scene for example – if less then 50Watt then restart? It will be great to have such option.

  6. Sonoff Customer Care says:

    Now Sonoff available in india. SONOFF Official Store

  7. David Reynolds says:

    hate the computer voice

  8. Werner says:

    Can the Sonoff POW be used with my solar panels, eg can it measure power being generated by my solar panels – watt???

  9. Corey Mcniel says:

    I did something similar with Avasva solutions.

  10. Shantel Bollmann says:

    I took excellent guide from Avasva. Just google it.

  11. Egor Biletskiy says:

    With plans from Avasva you can make it really easy.

  12. eu mesmo says:

    We need a device for the main power for 32 or 40 Amps regards

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