GM Intellilink Infotainment System – Wireless Charging upgrade

today we’re gonna fix the wireless
charger here in my truck and it might be able to help you this is my 2017 GMC
Sierra and from day one my iPhone 10 would not work on this wireless charger
that really annoyed me because the truck was brand new unfortunately their
wireless technology wasn’t caught up with Apple it worked on other Android
phones just fine but not with my Apple iPhone of course the next model year
they updated the module and now it works fine with all the iPhones I asked them
well if it’s the same exact model and setup can I get mine in there and get it
updated they said sure for two hundred fifty dollars two hundred and fifty
dollars for what I said oh to put the module and in to reprogram your truck I
was like no thanks I’ll save my $250 I need to plug my phone in anyway because
your car play isn’t wireless that’s a whole another story in itself however my
wife liked to use the wireless charger and she has my iPhone 10 ma doesn’t work
now I did find other modules on the market for about 150 to 200 dollars back
then that would work in this and it was a little tricky because the connectors
weren’t the same so companies got a little smarter and voila
I found a wireless charger that will work in here charge my iPhone for $100
and it includes the wire harness to set it up properly so we’re gonna go ahead
and we’re gonna replace this module but we got to take all this off first and if
it works with the iPhone there are a ton of other vehicles that might be one of
yours that you can replace the module for about a hundred bucks and you can
get wireless charging for your new phone if it doesn’t work now I would highly
suggest using some pry tools if you do have them I happen to have a set here or
maybe you know someone that you can borrow them from they’re really not all
that expensive but there are a couple nice tools here to pull this apart I’ve
taken this off before just to look at it and it’s really not all that difficult
you just have to take your time I’m not gonna waste a whole lot of your time
taking us apart so if you have any questions hit me up in the comment
section below once you’ve got the back off here you
just go ahead and put it to the side the cable was run up through here so you
just got to be careful when you’re taking that off and it’s a little neater
for this system because the wire is shorter you do have to take this off the
other item itself actually comes with a connector that plugs into the unit here
because for some reason this harness is different in the in the newer model and
again this is straight from GM manufacturing but I got it from a you
know like a third party site but this allows you to plug into the system
that’s in there already which is nice so what we want to do is go ahead and take
off the older unit the connector just goes ahead and push the button down and
it slides right out so that’s it again they look almost identical but the
exception of the adapter which is completely different going on the plug
which is nice that they include this so if you’re gonna so if you’re going to do
this to your vehicle it’s obviously going to be a lot different than mine if
we don’t have the same vehicle but this again you’re gonna go ahead and just
wire this on which my guess is it will go this way and we’ll plug this into
here which I hope fits and it looks like it will
so that’s plugged in right there we’ll hook it up and then we’ll test it out
all right so I change a camera angle so you guys can see down here I have my 10
s max I don’t know if it’s going to start working in here or not because
it’s it’s too damn big but you can see the footage as I’m talking to you guys
so I can see myself it’s just too wide to fit in here and I don’t even have a
case on I took the case off just to even give it a fighting chance
and we’ll go ahead and close that right there and see if it even picks it up to
even notice it to see if it does work and with this you do have to move it
around a little bit big oh there it goes it worked
holy cow it’s charging on my iPhone and then it went away so that’s never
happened before so it is
cooking and there it is wireless charging working on my iPhone 10s max in
that case it should definitely work on my way soon cuz her phone will actually
fit in there so I’ve got some thinking to do if I want to get the newest iPhone
that’s the max or the Plus version but there it is it’s working
I am super surprised that that is working very very happy with that a
hundred bucks for this module to go in the vehicle like I said the list of
vehicles that I guess have the same module in it is extensive so you very
well could fix your issue for about a hundred bucks and you’d be able to have
wireless charging for your newer device so very cool alright so now that
everything works let’s go ahead and put this back on this is my second time
putting this on because the first time I did not hit the record that is wonderful
so again you now have a longer wire so you want to be careful feeding this in
here that it doesn’t get caught in the clips or sitting around where it
normally wouldn’t be like it is right now so just a heads up take your time
slide that in there that is good to go make sure the wire is back in its little
tray here if you happen to have the same model as me or even if you don’t just
try to follow what your vehicle does and you should be good to go and that’s it
so there she is she is back in and you know the funny thing is I actually put
my iphone case back on here and I don’t know this is going to work or not that
would be kind of cool and a nice powerful wireless charger if it went
through the case which it doesn’t look like it will so oh there went through the case oh it
stopped there we go anyway I will put this particular item
link in the description and went off again and you can check it out there are
a ton of cars on there listed so if you don’t have wireless charging or you have
it and it doesn’t work and your vehicles on that list for a hundred bucks you
know you can upgrade it and I’m sure it probably will be as easy as mine if not
easier so in the meantime if you want check out this video right here that’d
be great and here’s another one that YouTube
subscribed or decided to show you what you should be watching and hit that
subscribe button so thank you guys very much you have a good one
see you next video this is so cool it’ll work again work yeah well now that we
got this working how about some wireless carplay

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