Getting started with the MobileLite Wireless G3 & Pro – MLWG3 & MLWG3/64

The MobileLite Wireless G3 & Pro let you keep
your smartphones and tablets going. They’re battery and storage backup
devices for your favorite mobile devices. The differences between the two devices are that the Pro version has a bigger battery and built-in storage compared to the G3. All other features are the same between the two. It’s a good idea to charge the unit fully before you use it. There is a small charge available out of the box but we’ve charged this unit ahead of time. The app is available on iOS App Store, Google Play App store, as well as Amazon App Store. Simply search for MobileLite Wireless
and download the latest version. Next we’ll power on the device.
Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. We’ll see the power light come on, then we wait 40 seconds for the Wi-Fi light to light up. Now it’s ready to use.
The MobileLite Wireless creates its own wireless signal. To use the storage features of the
device you’ll need to connect to its Wi-Fi signal. Simply go into your phone or tablet’s
Wi-Fi settings and connect to the MobileLite Wireless. If there are more than one MobileLite
Wireless in the area look on the back of your unit and read the last 4 digits, that is the
unit you want to connect to. Now open up the app and you are ready to use it. One of the first things you should do is add a password to your MobileLite Wireless. Or, if you want to know how to back up your contacts, calendar, photos, and videos click the link at the top of this video. We have also added a link to the product manual below. It has a ton of pictures so you
can follow along with if you prefer. If you have any other question please
let us know in the comments below.

34 comments on “Getting started with the MobileLite Wireless G3 & Pro – MLWG3 & MLWG3/64”

  1. drew Sammy says:

    please list the differences between G2 and G3 in terms of speed and USB ASAP.

  2. ali veli says:

    wd my passport ultra 1tb not support

  3. ROCK ANTENNE says:

    when transfering files from SD Card to USB Device: do i have to stay connected with the ipad to the g3 all the time or will the g3 copy autonomously?

  4. chrome power says:

    Is there a way to put a password so that other people dont connect and a way to disable wifi?

  5. Zachara Michał says:

    My transfer between seagate external drive (SRD00F1) and SD card is extremely slow, it takes about 8 hours to copy 32 gb card to the drive. In G2 it was much faster (about 30 minutes – 1 hour). Is there a problem with my G3 or it's a known issue?

  6. GamingMan247 says:

    Can I transfer movies I purchased from iTunes on to this device from my iPad or iPhone?

  7. C.V. Kalyan Kumar says:

    How do i connect using an ethernet cable? Once i connect the cable where do i type the password for it?

  8. Bel40nok says:

    Does it work on iOS 10.3.1?

  9. Tim Olsen says:

    I got the pro. Followed these instructions, still not working. Mine will not connect to the app despite connecting to the wifi signal.

  10. jaycee says:

    I also cannot get the App to connect to the MobileLite. I have started everything over several times with no result. The app keeps telling me to make sure the unit is in and that I am connected to the MLWG3. This is very frustrating.

  11. Floydette Rector says:

    I have Kinston Mobilite wireless G2. I don't remember my password. How do I reset the password

  12. alteeisenbahn says:

    2 questions:
    1) Can I access the SD card or the USB drive in the mobile lite from my laptop instead of the iPhone?
    2) what is the Ethernet connection for? can I connect my laptop to the Mobile lite device by ethernet cable? does the unit have an IP address?

  13. Martin R. says:

    Will this work with an external USB powered HDD with 4TB storage? Thanks!

  14. Bruce Venema says:

    Hello Kingston, i use a HDD witch uses a USB to power itself. It’s from WD (elements) but the device isn’t showing my HDD?? How do i fix this??

  15. jure jurič says:

    can i watch video or movie from device on my iphone?

  16. katytheveg says:

    My wifi doesn't connect. When I open my wifi settings on my iPhone, after selecting the MLW Wifi my phone says "no internet connection". What can I do? I need the mobile lite on Sunday!

  17. ufdffdd1 says:

    @Kingston hi I can't you this whit mi macbook

  18. Brian Skovgaard Larsen says:

    Hi Kingston. It works like a charm 🙂 with my Iphone. The "onekey" backup is right on spot. I have been looking for the similar "onekey" backup to be added for a SD card, but that seems not to be possible? So I have to go in and mark the elements I want to copy and direct them to the correct folder…? It's ok – but a possibility to add on a onekey backup per card would be awesome. Please let me know if I have been looking the wrong place.

  19. Diana Garcia says:

    I would like to know if the wifi can be used in areas that don't have any wifi service?

  20. Pranay Ghosal says:

    What is the data transfer speed of this device

  21. Pranay Ghosal says:

    And it supports up to 2tb external hardrive or above memory

  22. Pranay Ghosal says:

    Pls reply

  23. dcaloi says:

    It's possible connect this device to a HD My Passport WD by USB cable ?

  24. htc zeggis says:

    Nice review got the GoPro 6 and buy this thing with a 512gb ssd and it's work like i expected;) super handu for the holidays;)

  25. Christian Borlongan says:

    Does anyone try to connect 2 usb drives via hub?

  26. John Goodwin says:

    can't get it to play my video clips smoothly

  27. Manas Sinha says:

    Hi Team ,

    Every time if there is a device shut down or power outage it ask for Login for the ISP provider .
    Unlike other routers does it not have a PPcoE featre to save the un/pwd and login automatically ?

  28. Pranay Ghosal says:

    Plz reply anyone

  29. Gerlinde Paterson says:

    Like the precise and clear speaking way of this IT. Thank you.

  30. Malen Veskavic says:

    Its a peace of junk !!

  31. Marcus Lee says:

    Hi Kingston, nice device. May I enquire the below; (3qns)
    1. can it be accessed remotely? (i.e. connected to the net by a location and accessed by multiple users via internet, similar to an NAS).
    2. can it run without powering down? or how often should it be powered down?
    3. can I download files from the net, straight into the device? (as I need to be connected to this instead of the internet).

  32. ABS Hellio says:

    Any help to get data on windows?????
    Or it’s not compatible with windows laptop

  33. Anikit Krest says:

    забыл пароль(( как восстановить пароль??

  34. PRASAD GAWALI says:

    How to use it for Windows 7, Laptop after connecting?

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