Getting Started: Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-930L)

The DCS-930L Wireless N Network Camera by D-Link. Inside the box you’ll find the
DCS-930L Wireless N Network Camera, power adapter and also an ethernet cable. Included is the manual and software
install CD with a quick start guide. Be sure to keep these handy because we’ll
be using this while we’re installing the DCS-930L. Some of the features of the DCS-930L
are the power LED light, the microphone, the camera lens, the WPS button,
the WPS LED, the reset, the power receptor and ethernet port. Ok, let’s start the installation process. Insert the installation disc into your computer.
The installation will automatically begin and follow the prompts until
you get to the welcome screen. Select your language and hit
the start button to continue. The first question, does your router
have WPS support? Many D-Link routers come equipped with
WPS support but for this installation we’ll be working with out WPS. Ensure that “No my router does not have
WPS support” is checked and click next. The mounting hardware has already been connected
to the camera so click next to move on. Connect the included ethernet cable to the
router and the other end to the network camera. Then connect the power adapter to
a wall outlet and then to the back of the camera. In a few seconds the amber light on the
camera will turn green letting you know the router has successfully
connected to the camera. Back at your computer click next and
as long as you saw a green light on your camera, click “Yes”. After a few seconds the software will
discover your camera. Notice that the connection is currently wired. In a couple of steps we’ll change this to
wireless. But for right now click next. Create a new password for your network camera
and confirm your new password and click next again. Finally, let’s change the connection
type for your camera to wireless. Select I want to connect my camera wirelessly. After the software scans for wireless
signals in your area, select yours from the drop down. If you’re using wireless security,
enter your network key below then select next to continue. You will be notified that your camera
will reboot. But before clicking continue, go and unplug the ethernet cable from
the back of your camera. After you have done this, come back and
click continue to reboot your camera. When your camera successfully restarts
and you have a green light on the camera again, you will be prompted to add your new
wireless camera to your mydlink account. If you do not already have one,
don’t worry, we’ll create one now. Click No, I need to sign up for a new account. Type your email address, a new password
and repeat the password, enter your first and last name.
Lastly click on the box and accept the terms and conditions. Click next to move on. You will be sent a verification email to
the email account you provided. Be sure to open the email and click on
the activation link to activate your account. Now click ok. In just a moment you’ll see
your camera in action. Click Finish and you have finished
the installation process. Now you can unplug your wireless camera
and move it anywhere next to an outlet. We’re positioning the camera next to
the baby’s crib to monitor their sleep. Next, we’ll show you how to use your iPhone
to view the camera while at home or away. First you must download the mydlink lite app
from the app store. Once installed open the app and enter the your
mydlink account information you just created. Be sure to click on server and
select your country. You can also choose to stay signed in
if you want. Click log in and select your wireless camera. In just a moment you’ll be able to watch your camera live from anywhere in the world.

3 comments on “Getting Started: Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-930L)”

  1. artak alixanyan says:

    Really impressed so far!>>>  Exactly what I wanted, considering getting a few more for around the house. Picture is great, sound is great.

  2. Nick Verdone says:

    What if ive lost the CD installtion disk?

  3. Bengt Weman says:

    When I insert the CD into my new HP computer and select D:autorun.exe, I'm told that the app is blocked from security reason by my admin. But I am the admin of the PC. So how do I setup the D-Link DCS-930L camera?

  4. Kris Darryn says:

    This product doesn't have a cam recording feature right?

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