Getting Started: Wireless N Day/Night Network Camera (DCS-932L)

Last year D-Link released DCS-930L
Wireless N Network Camera which is a great solution from monitoring
your kids, pets, home, and even office. Well they took a great product, they
made it even better by releasing the DCS-932L Wireless N Day/Night Home Networking Camera. With the built-in IR LEDs you
can view anything with little to no light. For example, Now that it’s pitch dark and IR LEDs
come on you can view me here in pretty much total darkness. So you can set up this camera at your
entrances, be able to monitor anything, and again with a small compact design
you can place the camera anywhere in your home and connect it to your network. So let me show you how to set it up the
DCS-932L. The DCS-932L Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera by D-Link. Let’s see what comes in the box. Included is CD, manual, and quickstart
guide. Be sure to keep the CD nearby because
we’ll need it for setup and installation. The DCS-932L go ahead and take it out of its
packaging, a power cord, and an ethernet cable. Some of the features of DCS-932L are the four IR LEDs with a light sensor on top, the camera lens, microphone, and power
LED. Here’s the adjustable camera stand there’s the power, and ethernet port, the reset, WPS light and button. Alright let’s start setting up our DCS-932L. We’ll walk you through setting up the
camera and the software at the same time. Grab the CD rom, and insert it into your computer. Select and run the DCS-932L software, click on “Yes”, choose your language, we’ll leave it at
english and click on “Start”. Does your router have WPS support? Many of D-Link’s products have
WPS so go ahead and check your router. We’ll select “No” and set up manually. Grab your camera and make sure the stand is
properly set up. Plug in your camera with the ethernet
cable into the back of the router initially the camera set up must be
wired but, we will be setting it up wirelessly in just a moment. Plug the power into the camera and wait until a camera’s power LED
turns green, then, click “Next”. Click on “Yes” Your camera’s information is displayed and
as indicated by the orange dot the device is not configured wirelessly, yet. Go ahead and click on “Next”. Please enter in a password and
confirmed the password select “Next”. Here we have the option of keeping a
wired or wireless connection we”ll be connecting wirelessly. Select your wireless network and enter in the password. Select “Next”. The camera and router will begin to
communicate with one another, this may take a moment so please be patient. Go ahead and unplug the ethernet cable
and click on continue. Next, we wanna connect or Mydink
account, enter in your information, or follow the prompts and sign up for a
new account. Congratulations our setup is complete. Now you can view your cameras feed from
your might delete account by visiting Just enter in your mydlink username
and password and you’ll be able to view the live feed; but before it continue i’m going to set up the camera at the
front door. Here I can watch is people coming go
plus with the IR LEDs I’ll be able to view the feed at night
with little to no light. Now that the camera’s configured for
wireless setup I’ll move the camera so that it’s facing
the front door, plug in the power and make sure the
power LED turns green. Let’s test out the camera’s capability
total darkness. I’ve downloaded the mydlink app from
the iPhone app store, and I’m now logging in. I select my camera, and there I am in total
darkness. Plus I’ve logged into the mydlink
account on my computer, and you can see the same camera feed. With the DCS-932L Wireless N
Day/Night Home Network Camera from D-Link, I’m now able to monitor
my home even in total darkness. Thank you and see you next time.

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