Galaxy Buds+ Teardown! Still the Most Repairable Wireless Earbud?

94 comments on “Galaxy Buds+ Teardown! Still the Most Repairable Wireless Earbud?”

  1. Hardik Hardik says:

    1st sir

  2. blue night says:

    Dang second

  3. Aira Kawairashi says:

    Please make teardown wearbuds.

  4. Hrishikesh Sabde says:

    Volume is low n quality is lacking.

  5. Tux Pepe Frog says:

    I wish Apple had done the same…

  6. Random Garbage says:


  7. 102 103 says:


  8. João Calasans says:

    Guys do a teardown of a foreo pleaseee

  9. Stem says:

    real nice and youtube is drunk

  10. Technical Planet says:

    Hey, I got a Heart from IFIXIT.

  11. Ostia pilotes! says:

    Maybe do a review on the Homscam true wireless earbuds? They're crushing it on Amazon

  12. laser speed says:

    Bro sleep already 1.5 am now India love you from india

  13. ejeckk says:

    I would also like to see the RECONSTRUCTION process and to see if they are still operational. What do they look like after they are reassembled?

  14. TheComicalCanadian says:

    awesome video

  15. TheComicalCanadian says:

    amazing stuff

  16. raikoh05 says:

    What is the most repairable phone

  17. Sephton says:

    What if they just get rid of wireless charging and put a bigger battery in?

  18. Maximilian Gaedig says:

    Why is there 420 written on the ribbon at 1:30?

  19. Gurkirat Singh says:

    Yes would like to see and know about the driver and everything else, like how does it work etc etc knowledge

  20. Minepolz320 says:

    It’s very interesting if I can install this battery in regular galaxy buds to increase the operating time 🤔🤔🤔 (really looking forward to this video ty)

  21. 11I1I11I says:

    These are BA drivers? How many? Interesting.

  22. Yuvaraj Putin says:

    Lets be realistic who’s gonna repair their wireless earphones? None.

  23. United States of Embarrassment says:

    yes, OF COURSE we want to see the drivers… they're like the main new feature alongside the larger battery.

  24. David Nabers says:

    More wireless earbuds teardowns please

  25. Léo REN says:

    This is a very nice product. As a total Apple guy, I think my next earbuds will probably be Samsung. I do use first gen Airpods since the release. But in no world I'm going to spend 55€ on a battery replacement for the dying right piece.

  26. Strike Force Delta says:

    Jesus is coming back God bless you very good video

  27. Holky M. Syaugi says:

    Love the galaxy buds +

  28. Haley says:

    You should test the SAR or EMF power level of wireless devices, as it seems likely they can cause cancer.

  29. Tommy Luu says:

    Yes, deeper is always better! Deeper teardown

  30. xxCHUN says:

    I wounder if they ever teardown their product?

  31. Avarosa says:


  32. Mark Wilko says:

    What's the most repairable Neck band Bluetooth earbuds?
    I always need more battery life and neck band models seem to offer the most while still being able to sleep with them if needed..
    I regularly use my 16 hour Sony's until flat and I haven't seen any other bluetooth style with anywhere near that running time.

  33. Grace says:

    Bro. where is Repair-meter lady

  34. loai yamani says:

    nice demo keep going guys

  35. Lincoln Smith says:

    I knew I recognized those hands.

  36. aakash gandhi says:

    Teardown noise wireless earbuds please

  37. xAsmir says:

    Isnt battery supose to be bigger inside charging case ? That charging case sucks dick

  38. PashaV240 says:

    Как же Самс всё таки классно делает все свои устройства. Достаточно высокая культура производства, по сравнению с другими брендами.
    Разбираешь и глаз радуется.

  39. Weqaar Mohammed says:

    I am really happy with what ifixit is doing. I like repairing things instead of buying new ones. I hate how these companies are creating a use and throw market with all glued products. Its time someone stood up to them.

  40. Basileus s says:

    I dont see much the point of classifying the repairability of earbuds. Okay, you can open more easily this than that, but where would you get a new driver? Where would you get a new pcb for the left earbud?

    A device repairability is made or broken by the availability of parts. That is why glued together iphones are more repairable than screwed together no name phones for example, since they are popular its easy to find a partially working donor or chinese knockoff parts on the internet. Classifying repairability on only how easiliy is to get into its incredibly shortsighted.

  41. ThE 1 BarbariaN says:

    Listening to this on my buds +

  42. TheWobblyEmily says:

    still no low latency codecs or a passive seal or even ANC for noise cancelling. 🙁 but i love how small they are and how the case supports wireless charging! I wantttt

  43. Clinton Ariolu says:

    Why I like Zack’s tear down better is that he doesn’t speed the whole process up. He takes his time tearing down each component so you can savor it and take it all in.

  44. Deoxal says:

    Can you buy the BMC43015, it looks like a BGA so replacing it would be hard though? I just kinda want to start prodding at how ICs work though.

  45. Cleiton Felipe says:

    I don't want to see the drivers, you should have showed them already in this video, not gonna waste my time again.

  46. Lance Escalante says:

    Want to take a closer look ti the dual drivers😁

  47. No Voice LK says:

    hey Ifix these new batteries can put into the old galaxy buds ?

  48. Roberts Vimba says:

    I think this is the only channel that I see using a table vice to open something. Do you guys mind using the vice to open phones and computers as well? Lol

  49. DOICES says:


  50. Proptart says:

    What made these score one point more than the previous gen?

  51. 애국보수 says:

    does any one have any idea about the maker of the micro controlling unit in this galaxy model? its kinda hard to tell from this video. it used to be abov f6432 in the previous model. PLz help. Thank you.

  52. runforitman says:

    it's very nice that they made these repairable
    they could've very easily just decided to glue the halves together permanently, and say you have to buy the new ones, when they fail

  53. Anmol Raj says:

    GalaxyBuds+ are the overall best TW earbuds imo.

  54. Efe Chief says:

    Now we are taking apart wireless earbuds?????? Seriously???

  55. Parsi Pax says:

    Airdots and Haylou GT2 please?

  56. Raimundo Castro says:

    What the heck, why would you put a screw when you place lots of adhesive!

  57. Jasmin Sultana says:

    Please teardown Galaxy s20 ultra.

  58. xximatzexx says:

    For me, it would be very interesting how to remove the grills since i had problems with dirt behind those on my galaxy buds.

  59. Vinay S. Shah says:

    You should take pauses while speaking. You're speaking a million miles an hr

  60. sebas789391 says:

    Repairability is nice, but aesthetically they look like absolute ass compared to gen 1 & 2 AirPods

  61. Jasko says:

    Do a teardown of the Sony Wf1000xm3.

  62. Alejandro Ferrari says:

    I would love a comparison between some cheap, but great sounding earbuds (Like funcl's) and these ones, to see how they justify their high price.

  63. iambesi says:

    1:20 420 lol

  64. josh mcgee says:

    thanks for covering these, I'm going to buy my next earbuds based on how repairable they are

  65. Olexandr Shurdak says:

    I decided to purchase them and likely they arrive tomorrow, and here is this video! Thank you iFixit! I'm happy that it's 7/10!

  66. Hamuel Agulto says:

    IPX2? Ingress?

  67. Greg Smith says:

    Interested in seeing the redmi earbuds tear down

  68. ak101farhan says:

    You didn't show the updated two part speaker system!

  69. Wilbur says:

    @1:18 There is the number 420


  70. Sulohith says:

    yess make another 30sec video on new drivers?
    instead of drivers look at this same charging case..

  71. Rajan Rana says:

    Please make a video on teardown of OnePlus bullet wireless 2!!!
    As still date no one have make video on it.

  72. GyanPrakash says:

    Where is that chick Gwendolyn or whatever her name is?

  73. Euclid Weng says:

    I would like to see the speakers.

  74. derek dauzat says:

    so the buds + cant pair to multiple devices?

  75. Paul Marsden says:

    How about the Bose sound sport free wireless ear buds tear down.

  76. Mr2pint says:

    So it's another fail from Samsung

  77. Lim Brandon says:

    can't wait to see apple's overpriced pods to score a surprising 0/10

  78. Pallab Wagle says:

    1:20 NICE

  79. Vishnu Hulas says:

    Yes!!.. do a further teardown
    I want to see the speaker

  80. Florian K says:

    Weiß jemand wie die Geräuschkulisse ist beim Fahrrad fahren?

  81. Mazhar Zandsalimi says:

    The first step is toooo scary!

  82. syed latheef says:

    I just want to know how you are doing these many gadgets tear downs are you spending your own money (new gadgets) or you are using old gadgets (used ones) ?? Plzz answer my question brother im eagerly waiting for your answer

  83. The Amazoner says:

    Sony wf-1000xm3 teardown please?

  84. Bears says:

    Nice vid, but as someone who doesnt know all that much about small electronics i have a question. If all these parts come out super easy does that mean potentially these could be upgraded? like a slighty bigger battery cell etc. Maybe something to look into. I'd watch.

  85. Mahmoud samir says:

    But you didn't test mi airdots which I think much more repairable

  86. Robert NES816 says:

    I think these are probably easy to assemble, but taking these apart wouldn't end well without there being some sort of cosmetic damage.

  87. Robert NES816 says:

    I think you should take more $50 Earbuds apart so we can see how they're assembled. Lower priced options are getting better and better so it would be nice to see how they stack up internally to the name brands.

  88. Rick Bailey says:

    is it possible to upgrade the old buds with a bigger battery? if thats even worth the effort

  89. CryingMidget says:

    My original buds cutout when phone is in my left pocket outside but not my right. I was guessing because the chip is in the right earbud only. Does this new one solve this?

  90. jack the pro says:

    Where is the ifixit girl.??🤔🤔🤔

  91. Boss Time says:

    *so no one's going to talk about the 420*

  92. NoName says:

    I would like to see Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 and Liberty 2 Pro

  93. TheWatermelonLion says:

    But does the hinge on the case break easily tho? Very curious but don't wanna try it myself

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