Frigidaire Range Repair – How to Replace the Electronic Control Board

“Hi, it’s Steve. Today we’d like to show you how to change
the electronic control on your range. A really easy job. Let me show you how we do it. Now, to replace this part, we will need to
disconnect power to the range, so you either locate the electrical panel, turn off the
appropriate breaker or remove the appropriate fuses. We will also have to access the back of the
range, so you’ll need to pull it forward so that we can get at the back panel. Now that we have the power disconnected to
the range, we’re going to pull it forward, and then we’ll access that upper back panel. Remove the screws that secure that to the
cabinet. Just lift it away at the bottom and lower
it down and then we’ll set that aside. Now, with the upper panel removed, our next
step will be to remove this lower access panel as well. Remove the screws along the sides, and there’s
one at the top as well. Just tilt that panel back and lift it away
from the tabs in the back cabinet. Now with the lower panel removed, you can
then tell whether or not that accessory kit has been added to the terminal block on the
range already, and if it hasn’t, you would need to have removed that panel to do so. There are wire terminals that go to both red,
white and black terminals on that terminal block, as well as the ground wire and a new
grounds screw in that kit. That is for surge protection or arc protection
for that new clock. If it hasn’t already been installed, you’ll
just line those up. The wires are all coated the same color as
the main wires from the cord itself, red, white and black and the green ground. If it’s already on there, you can discard
that portion of the part. Next we’ll need to remove the fire harnesses
from the electronic control. Simply depress any locking tabs on those connectors
and pull them off. The single wire on the right hand side, pull
that straight off. There’s also a harness connector on that right
side. Again, release the locking tab, pull the harness
off. There is also a short pigtail connector there. Again, release the locking tab, separate the
harness and make sure that this one doesn’t fall down inside. That will expose four screws that secure that
assembly to the control panel. Remove those four Phillips head screws. We can lift that assembly away from the console
and then we can do our repair. Now, if we’re replacing the electronic control,
we’ll need to remove this overlay from that control. It’s actually in two pieces, so we want to
very carefully peel away the top layer. If we peel it carefully, we won’t put any
creases in it and then we’ll be able to reuse it. If we damage it, you will need to replace
that overlay which does not come as part of the electronic controls. Carefully lift it off. Now with it off, we want to make sure that
the individual pads are nice and clean and if they’re not, you won’t get a good contact
because those are actual contact surfaces. You can take just a pencil eraser and just
gently clean those if they’re dirty. If they’re not, just leave them alone. We’ll carefully set that aside, we use it
on our new control. When installing that overlay on the new control,
we want to make sure that we line up parallel with the edges, and to make sure it’s firmly
adhered to the new control, and then we can reinstall it in the range again. Just carefully place that control into position,
line up the screw holes, install the retaining screws. Just make sure that that wire harness support
doesn’t get caught under the edge of the mounting bracket for that control. That control needs to lay flush on those two
metal straps, Next, we’ll reconnect all of the wires harnesses in. Those that have locking tabs make sure that
they’re engaged fully, as well as the harness connectors for the door switch. With all that in place, we can next put the
back panel on. When reinstalling that back panel we want
to make sure that we tuck the top edge of the panel in behind the lip on that console. Leave the two odor tabs on the edges out and
line up that screw hole in the center. Install that one. Line up the rear corners and then put in the
rest of the retaining screws. In this model we need to engage that lip on
the bottom of the panel. These tabs that are protruding from the back,
make sure that’s engaged and then we’ll flex that panel just enough so that we can tuck
the top edge underneath. Just make sure that screw holes are all lineup
before you tighten any screws, then add them all up and we’re now ready to push that range
back into position. Now we’re ready to reconnect the power, and
your repair is complete.”

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