Free Taco? How to Redeem Taco Bell Offers | T-Mobile Tuesdays

Hey guys, Susana here with T-Mobile and today I’m going to show you how to redeem your free item at Taco Bell Thanks to T-Mobile Tuesdays For more tips and how to videos just like this Subscribe below and ring the bell for notifications. Let’s get started. You start by launching the T-Mobile Tuesdays app Now scroll down and select Taco Bell Here you’ll select ‘Save’ and ‘Redeem’ You will then be routed to the Taco Bell app Be sure to install the app if you don’t already have it Next you will be prompted to log in or select ‘Sign Up’ to create an account. Don’t forget to drop a comment below and tell us what your favorite border sauce saying is After logging in A pop-up screen will show you the offer details Here you’ll select ‘Apply Offer’ Once applied, you’ll see a list of items to pick from I’m going to go with the Crunchy Taco Supreme today In the next screen, you can add more items or continue to your cart Once you’ve selected your participating Taco Bell location, pick up details, and payment information, Select ‘Submit’ to place your order Hope you enjoyed your free item as much as I did Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next video coming up next!

5 comments on “Free Taco? How to Redeem Taco Bell Offers | T-Mobile Tuesdays”

  1. The Bay says:

    First comment, second like. Great music for this video. Amazing overall.

  2. Michael Mickelsen says:

    The operation of redemption is poor at best. The transfer requires a browser then jumps to a poorly written app. It would work better to have a code like Burger King which allows you to insert the code directly into the app. Someone should fix this system.

  3. Jonathan Kuelske says:

    You shouldn't have to create an account Taco Bell just to get a free taco you should be able just to show them your phone to prove that you're a T-Mobile customer

  4. Mrunal Trivedi says:

    Explains why this video was created, Guess everyone expected a QR code to redeem within tmobile tuesday app unlike Dunkin and Shell.

  5. R C says:

    Bring back the free dunkin donuts coffee.

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