Ford Electric Vehicles: Using Charge Cord and Status Indicator Lights | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Did you know your plug in hybrid
electrical vehicle comes equipped with a 120 volt charging cord for
convenient charging at home or wherever you have
the opportunity to plug in? Let me tell you about it. The charge cord may be located
in the trunk depending on model. Just lift the carpeted
floor panel to access it. When you’re ready to charge the vehicle, first be sure that the cord is completely
unwound to avoid over heating. Plug the AC plug into an AC outlet, making
sure to use a dedicated line that no other appliances are connected to,
to avoid tripping a circuit. Then connect the charging coupler
to the charge port on the vehicle. You’ll know it’s properly attached
when you hear a click and the lock release button pops up. The Ford charge port LED lights
will flash in sequence two times to confirm that an electrical
connection has been made. To access the charge port light
preferences using the touch screen, touch settings, vehicle,
and charge port light. The default setting is on. This means that the port lights
will illuminate when you plug in, when the vehicle is charging and any time you press the unlock button
on your key fob or open the doors. Selecting limited will prevent
the port lights from coming on while the vehicle is charging. And off will disable
all lighting features. Once plugged in and charging, the port
light will show the current charge status. When one bar is pulsing
the charge is between 0 and 25%. One solid bar and
one pulsing bar 25 to 50%. Two solids and one pulsing is 50 to 75%. Three solid and
one pulsing is 75 to 100% and when all four bars are solidly
lit the charge is complete. Keep in mind, the charge port light illumination
will time out after one minute. If a fault is detected at any time,
all the lights will flash continuously. And if the charge is scheduled for later, the number of lights which represents
your current minimum state of charge, will be solidly lit, and the charge port
lights will time out after one minute. You may also notice that the charge
cord has multiple LED indicators to indicate that charging is in progress,
or if any problems have occurred. When plugged into an AC outlet and
you see a solid green light, power is available but
vehicle charging has not begun. A flashing green light means
the vehicle is charging. If you see a flashing or
solid red triangle LED, a ground fault circuit interrupter fault,
or charge cord fault has been detected. However, if at any time you see a flashing
amber LED light in the shape of an outlet plug, that means high temperature
at the AC plug has been detected. Have the outlet checked by
a qualified electrician and make sure the AC plug fits
firmly into the outlet. By the way, for
quicker more efficient charging, it’s recommended to upgrade to
an available 240 volt charging station. This can allow you to fully charge in half
the time it takes than with the supplied 120 volt charging cord. Any questions, go to [MUSIC]

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