Ford Electric Mustang is HERE!

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  1. Chet says:

    Disgraceful to call that a mustang

  2. OfficialReaper301 says:

    Why is it Ev they killed its muscle powers

  3. Ben Foltz says:

    Gonna say it that’s disgusting not a mustang mustang

  4. gurgen akopian says:

    I like buttons…

  5. jesse james says:

    all new golf cart powered by ford

  6. John Corbin says:

    I didn;t realize outer door handles were such a big problem like this guy mmakes them out to be, "you don't have to have this big out that's sticking out all the time". Personally, I never have that thought while I'm driving, "omg, I'm so tired of this big handle sticking out all the time, I wish car makers would start thinking about getting rid of these big handles". Seriously, dude, you just throw in a bunch of unnecessary comments.

  7. XxklusivV Gaming says:

    It has a Ford Focus rear-door window frame.

  8. Rjay Uno says:

    over by my job

  9. Pat Jones says:

    This SUV was only mislabeled "Mustang" to make the buyer feel cooler about a battery powered @#!!$%. 👎Wrong! Theres nothing muscle car nor Mustang about it! Only selling a great name.

  10. Senior John Galt says:

    FrankenStang. What an absolute monstrosity! Super hideous crossover. I am in shock that a company such as Ford would blunder so badly. It's a laughing stock among car enthusiasts. It's a crossover with Mustang tail lights. They should never have decimated the Mustang name. This should be called a Crosswire or some other pathetic crossover crap. Supremely disappointing.

  11. zia rehman says:

    Why it is called SUV, isn’t not sedan ?

  12. Felix Montana says:


  13. Abdullah Naeem says:

    3:40 in subtitles it says “presenter” why not Idris Elba?

  14. Jamil Khan says:

    Acceleration is really bad for an electric car

  15. Oscar Walton says:

    It could be the best ev in.the world and I don't care because I can't get over the shaimless corporate rebranding B's a f….ing mustang crossover ftw 🤦

  16. glitch [roblox] says:

    I own a 2014 EcoBoost Ford focus

  17. NorthForkFisherman says:

    The electric Mustang?

    You mean, Gelding.

  18. CharlyDeamen says:

    They should've named that "Toilet Goldfish"… because that's a x1000 times more appropriate a description. Both of its specs and future. Ford is going bankrupt soon. They are coming late into the EV race, blind-folded and with a limp. Goodbye Ford. And good riddance.

  19. Robert Gudger says:

    That looks like a Mustang my grandma would drive

  20. KonBrixStudios says:

    0:07 what was the song there?

  21. cherrykoolaid 25 says:

    Dan with the camera out of focus kinda looks like Gordon Ramsay 🤔

  22. jimmy warren says:

    This is the ugliest thing I can't believe they are even trying to call this a mustang

  23. Eric Halstead says:

    You’ve got too much of a hard on for Tesla

  24. Unained Panther 47 says:

    Mustang takes Tesla’s backyard
    Tesla says ok expecting a muscle fuel consuming car
    Mustang unveils an electric mustang
    Tesla do I Look like a joke to you

  25. Fun Man says:

    calm down their just using the mustang name for a SUV they are still making the gas powered mustang

  26. Aiden · 20 years ago says:

    They already have 4cyclinder mustangs. No need to go make them an electric suv lol

  27. Daniel Stafford says:

    I like this car, but should they call an SUV a mustang. Hell no…

  28. Austin Kill says:

    If they wanted to keep the name sporty don't rip off mustang call it stallion or some trash

  29. The Jr artist art/gaming says:

    Black superman

  30. nightmare 125 says:

    They ruined mustang with this!
    Call it a Ford or something but not a mustang! Why wloud you make it an SUV damn it!?!!
    At least they should make a sport electric mustang

  31. Dylan Blox says:

    They need to make it shaped more like a mustang. 👍👎👊🙏

  32. N4XM says:

    Petty moves

  33. Razeen Wow says:

    It's event happening in Elon's place😎

  34. magic carp says:

    Wow they look amazing honestly who wants a tiny Tesla??

  35. YZF R1 RR says:

    Horrible affreux

  36. HanchoPOW says:

    This reminded me of when apple removed the ear phone jack. Everyone hated apple, and people even talked about never buying a iphone again. People will get over the name as long the car is price well and performs. Tesla needs EV competition and this is the first car company to even try to come close. Much props for Ford for trying

  37. Roy PT says:

    Wow I like it!

  38. 100,000 Subs Without Video says:

    All hate on me but, I would buy this.

  39. :D高田春代 says:

    Me: pre pre!

    Friend: bakit?

    Me: meron akong joke sa inyo.

    Friend: ok??

    Me: anong kotche ang nagmumura?

    Friend: ano?

    Me: edi mustang!
    (Mustang ng ina mo)

    Friend: ulol gago ka hinde kaya…..

    Me: edi ano?

    Friend: kundi ikaw gago ka makamura ka saakin ah

  40. FLUXXEUS says:

    Boomers who say "that's not a mustang" can stay in the past, this is the future, power is power no matter the source. Just look at another electric mustang, the: Zombie 222 ( 1968 mustang Fastback, 0-60mph in 1.8s) 🙃

  41. Zach Green says:

    This is literally a Mom car. This is insane. Cool on the electric, bad on the SUV.

  42. Jason Lifeshow says:

    So mustang is separting from ford and becoming there own branch of cars? ? Just like Genesis has done?

  43. Michael Johnsen says:

    6:43 – I’d be more concerned with sitting in that mousetrap. What is this angle?? The airplane emergency tuck?

  44. Thomas Bergman says:

    It RUINS all mustangs FOR EVER mustangs must be gas power muscle cars

  45. Always Games says:

    It was my birthday at the Tesla roadster event

  46. Keanu Reeves says:

    mustangs arent made to be electric… theyre meant to have high torque power and sound mean… and the electric engine provides neither of those things.#FordMustang1970isTheBest

  47. cyber truck says:

    He was bored as hell with the test drive.

  48. Christian Gibson says:

    I don't understand why Ford would call it a mustang, they should have made a actual mustang and renamed this one the stallion

  49. MarloSoBalJr Gaming says:

    NEVER call this a MUSTANG!

  50. CL C says:


  51. KingDaratos Gaming says:

    My request to ford : Please keep the petrol Mustang GT and make a electric one but with same looks as petrol

  52. William Speyer says:

    The problem with electric is what if my power goes out

  53. brownie 158 says:

    Atleast it looks better than a tesla but if u slap a v8 in there it would be great

    Electric cars dont have soul no sound no soul

  54. Jon Proctor says:


  55. Frank Stocker says:

    Why? when you can buy a Tesla who have 10 years experience with EV.

  56. Xabi E. says:

    Mustang is a coupe… period

  57. Benjamin says:

    I hope they go bankrupt trying

  58. alagogo says:

    I love the car itself , just don't like the name Mustang 😕 Steve McQueen is shaking his head . NO NO NO !

  59. Collin McGuinness says:

    This thing is a disappointment in many levels. I want an electric mustang. This is just an ugly suv with the Mustang name.

  60. Marty Mcfly says:

    Are we kidding.people just want to talk.look at me.

  61. Frosty TheWolf says:

    Front light is like Audi mix with tesla

  62. Cardinal for Life says:


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