FASTEST ELECTRIC RACE CAR WINS $10,000!! (Ultimate Backyard Obstacle Track)

100 comments on “FASTEST ELECTRIC RACE CAR WINS $10,000!! (Ultimate Backyard Obstacle Track)”

  1. Stephen Sharer says:

    What Challenge Should We Do Next?!🤔😎

  2. Muhanad Souka says:

    Yes it is my name is Ty

  3. Jessica Bestica says:

    # grace

  4. Drew Klease says:

    Steve rides the wrong car on 3

  5. loulee _ says:


  6. Alexa Esterlund says:

    i love your hair!!!

  7. Ashley Gubler says:

    So awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀

  8. Susan Edwards says:

    I loveyuo

  9. Hywel Lewis says:

    I love it

  10. Lindsey Blumenauer says:

    Last to stop riding the little go karts on the tracks that you guys did in this video

  11. subodh dubey says:

    # Stephen

  12. Amy Bennett says:

    you shade let carter do this challenge

  13. Ivette Liz says:

    Love hash tag Steven

  14. ANP SQUAD says:

    I love your new videos

  15. Diamond cokley says:

    Can I drive one ?

  16. Jesuan Alindato-Velez says:

    # John

  17. Lila Hallam says:

    IF you look closely grace hit start 2 seconds before stephen started because stephens go cart was the same speed as john

  18. dallas Gopi says:

    I love your haircut

  19. Nuaim Safeer says:

    Fart game real life

  20. AMIE EARL says:

    Stephen I am not sure how to go

  21. Aspen Connor says:

    Do you live with carter

  22. William Rankin says:


  23. Lara Smith says:

    Hash tag grace

  24. The Tupou says:

    GO GRACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Niki Crawford says:

    the poo

  26. Khan Khan says:


  27. Adeline Pell says:

    I love yore videos

  28. SpartanX says:

    I love ur channel and u man but just because u have a Lamborghini doesn’t mean ur fast

  29. Wood H says:

    Love the hair cut

  30. 09Pokemonboy Pikachu says:


  31. dare brothers says:

    shat up

  32. Alan Smith says:

    Team grace

  33. Alan Smith says:

    Team John

  34. Bradley Johnstone says:

    Love your hear cut

  35. Anthony Sanchez says:

    Steven go Steven

  36. Sam Buckley says:

    # Stephen ow yeah share the love is the best
    Roses are red dafidalfa are gold the track is really long

  37. Turki Rashwan says:

    # steven

  38. Johnny Seiluns says:

    Can I come over to your house one day I would love to

  39. Bridgeth Ongpauco says:

    # Stephen I biliv dat you are gana win at 1th🔕🏅🏅🏅😆😃😃😯😉

  40. Johnny Seiluns says:

    # Stephen

  41. John Berrill says:


  42. Jimmy Mercado says:

    Stephen you and grace should go visit cater in California I want to see you guys do something with carter

  43. Majid Hussain says:

    That's my dream car!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  44. matt san says:


  45. Jamera Spears says:


  46. ashish rai says:

    Why don't you and carter live in the sharer fam house to

  47. Elijah Anderson says:

    I like your haircut

  48. Tiffany Schmidt says:


  49. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    Love you so much best Channel

  50. Cordelia Carpenter says:


  51. Tonya Riedinger says:


  52. Maddison Spires says:


  53. Maddison Spires says:


  54. Maddison Spires says:


  55. Maddison Spires says:


  56. Maddison Spires says:


  57. Maddison Spires says:


  58. Maddison Spires says:


  59. Maddison Spires says:


  60. Maddison Spires says:


  61. Maddison Spires says:


  62. Maddison Spires says:


  63. Maddison Spires says:


  64. Linkin Carter says:

    Johns outfit looks like a booger

  65. nivin tuffaha says:

    I love your hair 😍❤️

  66. Julie Pence says:

    the l is cool if u can fill the blancks gits 10b

  67. Adrian Zelasko says:

    809 is faster than 829

  68. Lucas bone says:


  69. Hacker man Squad says:


  70. Bonemus says:

    I love share family

  71. yolanda johns says:

    She. You can 4910

  72. Jessica Aceves says:

    I would want to see you ✌❤

  73. Jessica Aceves says:

    Can i be in 1 of your vidos pleas✌

  74. Ayden Johnston says:

    what are those cars called cause I want to buy one

  75. Megan Kehoe says:

    I think you should do 24 hours in the bathroom ❤️🤟🤟 share the love

  76. Drew Yount says:

    Do you should go to Carter's house

  77. leison247 says:

    # Stephen

  78. slimedude The Xbox Guy says:

    John hit way more than three cones

  79. slimedude The Xbox Guy says:

    You should meet up with carter some day

  80. slimedude The Xbox Guy says:


  81. Lay Colley says:

    To go in a room

  82. Shayek Hussain says:

    You should go sneak in to carters house

  83. Spencer Mortensen says:

    I love your hair cut it is so awesome 🤟🏻

  84. Spencer Mortensen says:

    Go grace go go go goooooo

  85. angela scales says:


  86. angela scales says:


  87. Carl & Jinger says:

    We should race really fast electric carts in Las Vegas!

  88. She Gonza says:


  89. Jeweleana Jade says:


  90. Jeweleana Jade says:


  91. Francis Fulton says:

    I like your hairstyle

  92. Spencer Mortensen says:

    Try to do try not to talk for twenty for hours wins ten thousand dollars

  93. Mr. Blox says:

    yes i like your hair cut it look so cool me dylan

  94. Lochlan Murphy says:


  95. Flip a clip says:


  96. Lucas Sayers says:


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