ESR 14 Joseanne Viana

Hi, my name is Joseanne. I graduated from
telecommunication enginner in Brazil and I joined the
TeamUp5G as the earlier stage researcher
14 enrolled in a Ph.D. program at the Lisbon University Institute which has
a partnership with the
Telecommunication Institute
here, in Portugal. As a Ph.D. student, my goal is to develop
portable small cells using drones and integrate them
in the 3D architecture proposed for 5G telecommunication systems. The main objectives of this
project are: The specification of the main
features of drones to be used as small cell
stations. Prototyping the portable small
cells, integrating the programable electronics to
supply the heterogeneous communication system. and developing a control
platform for drones using intelligent algorithms
to improve the capacity in the range of
coverage in dynamic scenarios. I’m truly proud to be part of
this team and I’m looking forward to
seeing the results of this
project. Thank you.

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