Ender3Pro.Critical Nozzle Issue Fixed |How to change 3D printer nozzle

First Heat the “NOZZLE” to 240°C. Once it gets heated, decrease the temperature to 0°C.It would be good if you off the printer. Then , with Wrench or Plier move the nozzle Right to Left. Put the new “NOZZLE” into the hot end Move Left to Right the nozzle to tight. Insert the tube into the hot end. Press it a little & tighten it Move right to left Pick the rubber cover of hot end & place it. Attach the Fan Cover. Tight the screws Tight the pulley screws Insert the filament into the “EXTRUDER” by squeezing the extruder lever from Left hand & insert the filament. Start the printing……. A Perfect Golden Ball(Sphere)

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