Electronics Technology

[MUSIC PLAYING] My need for explanation of the
world around me is what really brought me into it. We get to learn all about the
test equipment, the power supplies that drive the
circuits, stuff you’ll be working with in the field. Truly it’s very well-rounded,
good foundational program. There’s a certain type of wave
that comes out on certain components. And if they’re not given out
that signal, then that means there’s something
wrong with it. I think that anybody who likes
to work with their hands, wants to understand how things
work, wants to tear stuff apart, make something new of
their own design, this is really the career
for that person. It’ not as much math
as you think, but a little algebra, yes. We’re so well prepared coming
out of school that an employer would rather pay a little bit
more for a trained technician than they would just to pull
someone off the street. I just like all electronics,
so I’m not going to be too picky where I go. As long as I go to work with
electronics and I get to troubleshoot and fix stuff
and be in my field, then I’ll be happy.

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