Electronics – how are they recycled?

Waste electronic and electrical equipment
(WEEE) Old and broken electrical items may seem worthless,
but in fact, they’re full of valuable materials Council recycling centres collect waste electrical
items, which are then taken to a reprocessing plant, where they are shredded into small
pieces, ready to be recycled. Strong magnets are used to remove ferrous
metals such a steel, whilst non magnetic metals like aluminium parts are separated using an
eddy current. Different types of plastic are identified
and can be sorted using Near Infrared light or density separation. Each raw material is then sent to be made
into something brand new. For instance: Zinc, found in mobile phones, could be used
in ship building or for galvanizing railings and lamp posts. Gold found in games consoles can be made into
jewellery And plastic from lawn mowers can be used in
musical instruments. So remember: don’t bin your waste electrical
item….take then down to your local recycling centre or even better, if they work, find
them a new home by getting them reused by donating them or selling them on. To find your nearest recycling centre visit:

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