Electronics: Advanced Circuits

Tap into the awesome world of electrical science
with Electronics: Advanced Circuits! Create hundreds of advanced electronic circuits
with over 140 electronic components including: capacitors, resistors, transistors, LEDs,
a phototransistor, switches, speaker, infrared LED, diodes, an FM tuner,
555 timer, operation amplifier, two potentiometers, electrodes, voltage and current meter, microphone,
and 9-volt battery pack. (out of breath) Get started by assembling simple light up circuits with this advanced system of snap-together
electric building blocks. Then progress to more complex circuitry, and
incorporate an FM module, phototransistor, and operational amplifier to build a clock
radio that turns on with light. The 168-page full-color manual provides step-by-step
instructions, and the science behind your experiments. Get serious about electronics…
with Electronics: Advanced Circuits! Ages 10 and up From Thames & Kosmos

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