15 comments on “Electronic Unit Controller – Alarm Codes & Service Information”

  1. Patrick Price says:

    Do you need a defrost clock& termistat with this ecu..programable unit

  2. Karthik Pk says:

    what is EA1 error in xc650c controller?

  3. joe perez says:

    Worthless controller , it will cost customers thousands in product loss in the future. Thanks emeraon

  4. Sreya Rajeev says:

    what is NOP eroor xlr 170

  5. Jamie Lawton says:

    Where can I down load a user manual ? My condenser didn't come with a book.

  6. Atanu Purkait says:

    A5 alarm dixell controter (freezer) what happend????

  7. Joseph SanGregory says:

    So what happens if the low pressure transducer is good, and the microprocessor see's the pressure under setpoint, but continues to run the compressor? its a peice of crap…!

  8. YaNo says:

    Can this module do forced defrost if yes …How to do it… Tried to find info on your website but I didnt find it… help please thanks

  9. Luis Moreno says:

    What model is that controller?

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  11. Mathews Mosako says:

    how do you switch on Emerson digital controller xc645cx when displays off)

  12. Smile Smile says:

    What does HDL stands for I can't find this on the list . However my client walk in freezer is shutting of saying hdl

  13. Joaquim Almeida says:

    o que quer dizer rtc no display

  14. Oguz Oguz says:

    what the hell "DLT probe failure" ?? The compressor is working and it is getting cold I dont get it..

  15. Oguz Oguz says:

    How do you clear the alarm? How do you clear the alarm history..

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