Electronic Front Sway Bar Disconnect | How To | 2020 Jeep Gladiator

[music playing] If equipped, you can disconnect the electronic
sway bar for greater front suspension travel in off-road situations. You’ll find the Sway Bar switch on the instrument
panel, to the right of the steering column. To disconnect the sway bar, shift to either
4 High or 4 Low and push the switch. You’ll see the indicator light up in the
instrument cluster when it disconnects. The light will flash until it’s disconnected,
or if activation conditions are not met. The sway bar provides stability and maintains
control of the vehicle. Keep it connected during normal on-road driving. Do not disconnect the sway bar and drive on
hard-surfaced roads or at speeds above 18 MPH, or 29 km/h, or you could lose control of the vehicle, which can result in serious injury. To return to on-road mode, push the Sway Bar
switch again. This video is not intended to take the place
of your Owner’s Manual. For complete details and other important safety
information, please see your Owner’s Information.

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