Electronic Filing

electronic filing enables you to
commence proceedings online and file documents on existing cases file
documents with the courts 24 hours a day from any location keep up to date with
how your case is progressing give instant access to documents lodged by
all parties gives you a visual display of the next hearing dates and you can
pay electronically for court documents and receive electronic receipts to register for a filing go to this web
address and click register as an e filer fill in the form note the password
requirements above you can specify what type of account you require you
click Save and next you’ll receive an email with a confirmation link if you forget your login details you
will need to contact an administrator at this email address you this menu enables you to create a filing
and search or track current filings drop down menus guide you through the
process you each choice then influences the next set
of options you here you can see your progress click Add case party you can then enter
in the details of the party including whether they have a legal representative
or are a litigant in person you once you’ve completed the required steps
you can edit any information inputted add an Associated filing or add it to
your basket to pay the relevant fee once submitted you can show a printable
version and you will also receive an email confirming submission as well as being sent emails when you
have submitted filings and when they are approved or rejected you can also track
your filings online any notifications are highlighted here you you can also view your filings by status
here you you can also create your own dashboard
on your home page you you can always view documents for any
submissions you you could also add filings to cases you you can share your filings with
colleagues so that they can view submissions and documents you if a fee is payable then when you submit
your filing you can pay the fee online you you can make a public search of the
courts register and order office copies specify how long your search session
should last and pay by pba or card you as soon as you click okay your session
will start the clock will start to countdown and
you can start searching using the template you you can search by case or by party you you can see where office copies are
available to order you just tick to select office copies to
order they are added to your basket you

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