Electrical vehicle charging point installation

British Gas is striving to make the world
a more sustainable place for the future. That’s why we’re leading the way in
installing electric vehicle charging solutions for your home. We have partnered with a number of
car manufacturers and our charging solutions work with all
current models of electric vehicles. So, how do you get yours? Well, getting started couldn’t be easier
just call and we’ll arrange for one of our electrical engineers to come over. Whether inside or outside your home they’ll help you decide on the best
place for the charger. The work will be carried out at the time that suits you and the actual installation is quick and
easy normally taking no more than three to four hours. So, why have an electric vehicle
charging solution installed? British Gas will install a dedicated circuit to help you charge your electric vehicle with peace of mind and protect your homes electrics from possible overload. A single wallbox charger also uses a dedicated circuit but provides you with a simpler and faster way to charge depending on your vehicle saving you time and money. This comes
with a 5m cable which stows away in the connector gun holder so you don’t
have cables lying around when not in use and once installed it couldn’t be easier
to use. You simply activate it with the key, plug in and charge. The key access offers another level of
safety and prevents unauthorized use and the unit comes in easy-to-understand
color-coded display. The unit only starts charging when you
make the connection to your vehicle and it will only ever draw the amount of
electricity your battery needs to charge no matter how long you need it plugged
in. The charger and our installations meet all current
recognized electrical standards and codes of practice giving you the safest possible way to
charge. A British Gas charging solution offers an affordable, convenient and safe solution for a faster charge. Because a smart home requires smarter energy. mmm

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