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[Yael]: Ok so maybe you need to
put a delay between turning on
the burst. Have you guys looked
at the data? [Man]: How many of- [Yael]: Its really fun to be
able to touch something and think of something and solve a
problem that no one has ever been able to solve before. Do you have any way of
plotting what the optimal frequency is for each one of the
positions? MAN: I could track that. My name is Yael Maguire and I am
Chief Technology Officer at
KID. [Yael]: I remember when
I was about 12 years old that I really took an incredible
interest in designing and building radio controlled
vehicles. [Narrator]: And now, designing
and building things is his job. Like this little piece of
technology, that’s starting to make a big
difference. [Yael]: This is a tag. This is
an RFID Tag. RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification.
These are invisible waves that
communicate information from one point to
another. If you split this in half,
and then add more – [Narrator]: Yael and his team
make the readers that take the
information stored on the tags and send it
to a computer. [Yael]: We can use this to
identify objects uniquely and have a computer understand what
those objects are by just sticking them on there. The main problem that
board was trying to solve was people would have to travel a
long distance to get to a particular job site, and if they got to that site and they
realized that they had forgotten you know their scroll saw or
something like that, they’d actually have to go to a
local store and buy one. And those things are really
expensive. [Narrator]: These tags will let
a pickup truck know which tools are in the back, and
which ones aren’t. But that’s
just the beginning. [Yael]: Basically having access
to information and more
information about objects allows us to be
more efficient about how we transport them, manipulate them,
handle them. [Narrator]: Produce travelling
from the field to the store,
for example, can be affected by changes in
temperarture… RFID tags might just be the
answer. [Yael]: With special
types of tags like this that can
actually record temperature, maybe it will mean that we can
send this product out such that when it actually reaches you
it’s fresher, and newer, and
tastier. [Narrator]: While electrical
engineers are problem solvers, using their high-tech
understanding of circuitry and
electronics, it can take a long time for an
idea to come to life. [Yael]: Typically to make
a product that can survive all of the difficulties in the real
world, it takes about a year. [Narrator]: Which can mean long
hours of meetings, designing,
building, and lots of testing. [Yael]: So I do a lot of
walking. I’m certainly not
complaining because I have so much fun having to pick and
choose between these different
things. I just wish that there
were more hours in the day. [Narrator]: But Yael does
have some time left over for
other kinds of fun. [Yael]: In fact it’s actually I
think a good thing to be able to take a
break from what I’m working on and be able to focus on
something, keep my mind focused on one particular activity. [Narrator]: Which helps him
focus even better on the projects that mean the most to
him. Like the one he’s working
on with a non-profit he co-founded called, Design That
Matters. [Woman]: And this is really just
to show that the concept is
possible, and then later on we’ll develop
things that we can experiment with and test in the
field and so forth. [Narrator]: They design products
especially for use in developing
countries. Like this prototype of a
low-cost, infant incubator. [Woman]: We want to make
something that’s easy to use in developing countries and will
save children’s lives. [Narrator: Using parts from cars
and other common machinery, Yael and his team developed a
life saving product that’s not only low cost, but most any
repair person or auto mechanic
can keep it running. [Yael]: I think part of why I’m
excited about engineering and
science always, is to be able to look at a
problem, spend some time with
it, work with colleagues, and
then finally figure out how to solve it. When you finally solve
one of those problems, one of those key problems, it’s such an
incredible feeling. Life is too short to not pick
exactly what you want to do. If you can do it try to just
work towards that and work as hard as you can to realize that
dream. [Narrator]: And for engineer
Yael Maguire, it doesn’t get
more exciting than this. [Yael]: I chose a career that I
knew I was going to be passionate about and that I was
going to love for the rest of my
life. Tag, you’re it.

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