Hello! Welcome back to another episode of TwoSet Violin Charades. And the topic is… Things that you use in your house. Maybe you take them for granted, I don’t know. The usual rules. – We have 24 appliances.
– Yeah. (both) 5 minutes… Yeah. 5 minutes each. No talking, no body language. Everything has to be expressed through violin. Scissors, paper, rock. Scissors, paper, rock. Scissors, paper, rock. Yeah! I will… Go first. Play first. Alright. I don’t think I know anything. And, started. Oh, what the hell? Whoa! Dude, you scared me. Bro, this is so hard. A… light? No, it’s too hard! Bro! Oh, a vacuum cleaner. No, f… A duster. A… like a sensor! Backing up. An alarm. Bro. I don’t know, what is it? It’s a toaster. Yeah… Nah. – Yeah.
– That’s pretty bad. I wouldn’t have guessed that. Water? Dishwasher. Laundry. Washing machine. Yeah! Oh, finally! Okay. CD? A sexy CD? CD player. Yeahh! Ah, like a player! – Ooh la la la la!
– Oh, that’s good! – AC. Air conditioning.
– Yeah! Oh, f – What? Alarm clock! Sleep. Sleeping. Why is it suddenly loud though? Sleeping lights? Baby lights? Very loud all of a sudden. Very loud all of a sudden. Something that gets very loud all of a sudden— Alarm clock! Mmm, [beep]. Skip. What is it? Torch. Here we go. C. Sensor. A pulse? Brett: I obviously don’t know any electrical appliances. 3. 2. 1. Go! Come on… Juice blender? C, A, F, F. Coffee machine. Yeah! It’s like, can we spell it out? Yeah! If we can, it’s easier! Dishwasher! – Yes.
– Oh, whew! Dude, La Mer is the best. OH! M… Mower! – Lawnmower. Lawnmower.
– Yes! Yeah, yeah. What the hell is—?! What? – Just, (imitates lawnmower)
– Cuz I was – Yeah, that’s what I was trying to do! Alright, I’ll… I’ll think the sound. Um… What kind of… starts? Engine starts? Humidifier. Wait, no. I’m trying to… picture the sound. Fluffy, stroke – No. I’ll tell you when I figure it out. – Bro, oh you’re figuring out?
– I’m trying to figure out the sound! What?? Electric— Hose! Iron! Yes! Like ironing out the vibrato. – Get it? Aha, ha.
– Ohh, yeah. Oh, okay, okay okay. Alright, you ready? Toilet cleaner. Toilet seat. Dish… Dishwasher! Washing machine. Dish— Washing machine. Dish drier. Dish machine. Tap. Oh water boiler! – Water. Boiler, boiler.
– Yeah. – Yeah, yeah that makes sense.
– Boiler boiler boiler. Yeah… – Yeah, boiler.
– Nice nice nice. Kettle. Kettle, whatever. Ooh, ooh! Okay. Rice cooker! Lamp! No, a lamp doesn’t do that. What does that? Printer! Yes! YES! Eddy: THAT’S AWESOME!! Dude, you really have to think about the s – I don’t pay attention to these sounds! Dark. Bright. Light switch! Almost. Light! – Ohh… Yes!
– Lamp! – Lamp.
– Yeah yeah yeah, we’ll count that. – Okay.
– Yeah yeah yeah… – Holy crap, it’s so hard.
– Whoa! – Dude, that printer was epic when we got it!
– Yeah. That was so hard. That was hard. Alright. What? Oh, we haven’t hit 10 minutes? Okay. Support! Classical music! Bonus challenge! – Let’s do another 5 minutes.
– Yeah, let’s just do another 5. Sorry guys. It’s very hard! – We don’t – use…
– Pay attention to these sounds. 5 minutes again. bOnuS cHaLLenGe! Oh! Okay. Oh! Fan. (both) Yes! Nice! – It’s a fan!
– Ohh, what is this? Radio? Summer. Hot. Stove! Heater! Bath. Fire, fire starter. Torch. Flamethrower. Dammit! Is that what it sounds like? There’s no real sound to it. It has no sound to it? – What??
– It’s like, Oh! Do that again. Brett: Alright. Bro, I don’t know. What is it? Oven. Oh, no…! Noo! Oh, phone. – Yeah. Telephone.
– Mobile phone. OVEN! Of course!! Alright, ready ready ready? C. What?? Bro, I don’t bake! I’m so mad I didn’t get oven, ’cause I don’t bake. Ohh, it’s so hard…!! Calculator. Bro, I don’t know! Oh! A scanner! Laptop! – Computer!
– Yeah! That was cool! Ohh, that was so hard! Okay, what is this? Um… Vacuum cleaner! (both) YEAH!! That’s so good! Yes! Oh here we go. Um… Stove! Heater! Engine. Car. Hair dryer! – Yeah, yeah!
– HAIRDRYER, YEAH YEAH! YES!! Yes! – It takes a while for your brain to start –
– To switch gears, hey? We never use the oven. – Yeah, I don’t use the oven.
– I haven’t used the oven in ages. All right, your turn. Oh man, this is hard! I don’t know if I can top your last few ones, those were really good. 3, 2, 1. – Computer was so hard.
– Go! What’s this? Ooh! Okay. Winter. Fire. Cold. Air con. What makes you cold? Tap. Water. Bath. Rice cooker. Fridge! Yes! Eddy: Nice! I was trying to think how to do it, I didn’t know. Oven! No… Rice cooker! Pan fryer! Gas! Heater. – Yeah.
– Ohh. It’s just anything heat-inducing. That’s true, uh-huh. Ooh! Okay, okay, um. Microwave! Yeah! Yeahh! Yeah, microwave. It’s been a while but I remember you. TV! Yeah! I was like, switch on! Yeah! Of course, that’s my only association with TV. Alright last one, um… It’s hot. Oven. Lawnmower. Car engine. No, electric. Oh! Hair straightener. Cooking board. Boiling pan, frying pan. Stir fry, wok fry. I’m getting hungry. Chicken. What’s fire? Hot. Boiler, iron. Hot shower. So it’s slow as well, it gets faster. Uh, drying— Cloth dryer. Cloth dryer. Noo! [beep] Toilet. You almost had it. A stove. You said like, furnace and one wok, – and like, food.
– Dammit! And I was like, come on bro! – I forgot about the word “stove”!
– I didn’t know how to do stove. Ohh, why didn’t I get stove? Alright, anyway guys! Please like and subscribe. Charades is back! YEAH – So I know you guys, some of you guys really wanted to see it. So, I’m glad you enjoyed. Electrical appliances, how well do you know? Obviously, we are practicing too much to know. Alright, see you guys.

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