44 comments on “ELECTRIC SHOCK PEN PRANK PART 2! | HoomanTV”

  1. HoomanTV says:

    🔥 If you guys can get this video to 300,000 likes I'll do Shock Pen Prank Part 3! 😎
    🔥 SHARE this video and write a comment if you think I should do it again! 🤔
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  2. Manish Manish says:

    Fake police

  3. Afraz Mohammadi says:

    "Your english is really good now"

    دهنت سرویس

    You are very good man!😂

  4. jeremyc311709 says:

    Gotta be fake

  5. Homer Simpson says:

    What??? Fake

  6. Torrence Jamez says:

    All your videos are staged. Keep it real. Keep it genuine. This ain't it chief

  7. Yumiko6969 says:

    Y Hooman you see a cop arresting someone and ya do that? 🤦‍♂️ 😂

  8. Me I says:

    The guy runs away and all they care about is arresting him

  9. Ethan Contreras says:

    4:20, what kind of idiot cops are they? It’s a fucking SHOCK PEN, like cops be trippin for no fuckin reason bro like chill the fuck out nigga.

  10. Donnie Freidman says:

    Big rule of being a prankster. Do not be fat

  11. Altaf Rezai says:

    Why tf are Americans so mean
    Uk are worse

  12. Sandy Cupka says:

    Why is he in the hood

  13. urijah Robinson says:

    U did it to the policeman 👮‍♂️ omg u could have got arrested

  14. urijah Robinson says:

    For good like omg

  15. Jason Storey says:

    he hired a fake officer

  16. Rocky Kiran says:

    100000000% fake

  17. MobileRazor says:


  18. Bronson Cisneros says:

    Defend your self

  19. Rachana Rimal says:

    Hope you guys subscribe to me for no reason 🙏❤️

  20. امیر امیری says:

    هومن عاشقتم من ایرانیم

  21. ThunderBlitz25 says:

    should have not done that

  22. Pavao Buzanic says:

    A polize is stupid

  23. vòng quay cuối tuần says:

    3:44 🤣🤣

  24. Roberto Arana says:

    Make for videos of these

  25. SpookyBeard says:

    Y'all can't actually think this shit is real

  26. Alden Chen says:

    You are so brave Hooman

  27. 45 Plays says:

    lol got pulled by police

  28. Semaj Cole says:

    Bro took his chance 🤣omm👏🏾



  30. Barry baig says:


    please support us

  31. Parrita 1 says:

    That guy in the background

  32. Djpigeon126 says:

    That cop was an asshole

  33. Aušra Šleinienė says:

    Why? you do that on Cops you know it was bad idea.

  34. Aušra Šleinienė says:

    But i buy a shocking Pen.

  35. Snark3 Lmao says:

    You shocked a blood

  36. maqsood mashi says:

    Very nice my 😍 Best friend I am Pakistan Islam

  37. Ray Oneal jr says:

    Did you got out of jail

  38. Delad Ang - BlueWolf says:

    Did it to officer

  39. Dusenge Uwimana says:

    l need one

  40. HANI JER says:

    Pen Prank too👇

  41. Jeremy Tackett says:

    The production and people are so fake! 🙄

  42. EVOLVE says:

    2:32 Its funny how he just like
    Shit im out

  43. EVOLVE says:

    4:52 Well that cop is gonna lose his Job 😂😂

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