ELECTRIC SHOCK MY BALLS (Fridays With PewDiePie – Part 116)

*music* (shouts) Is that the mic where you.. Yeah *laughs* What the fuck man Shut up!
– This is the professional .. This is a Pewdiepie Video I’m sorry, I’m sorry, are you the most subscribed.. I know, I can’t even remember is that..
– You are at the Youtube Conference You could’ve bought a shotgun for like 60 bucks You keep throwing me these Dead serious death ??? Can you be nice for one second?! No ;-; Hey! How it’s going? My name is PewDiePie! I’m Markiplier.. I’m Jack- TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADIES!~ Was that good?
– No.. ..and I’m also Markiplier.. *cricket sound* *awkward silence* Okayyy…. (laughs) We’re not here on this bed, just to fuck That comes later
– That comes later.. bring it in Okay CLAP 😀 Cool
-lalalalalalalalalalalala ow fuck were gonna play this game, loser gets shocked and has to eat a soggy biscuit. raise the stakes on this one every time I’ve played this, I’ve lost. good! frick these guys didn’t even tell me what we were – Dont worry about it just grab it okay just grab it and close your eyes do i have to hold down the button orr? YES! yeah hold down the button Laughing xD my hand is tingling already Oh god, I don’t want to *laughing* from the memories of this thing oh fuck meee *weird noises* i think i’ll make it – * manly screaming* WHAT DA FUCKK *still screaming* WHY DOES EVERYONE GET BURNED?? – I didn’t. (shut up Jack) *laughing* So it’s- oh. So your sweeping strike did you cut me!?! oh my god! WHAT THE FUCK *more laughing* AHHHHHhh *screaming* yaaay 🙂 Yaaaaaay! Heuehuehueheuhhe NOO! T-that camera is so on the wonk it’s – (pewds changed his shirt xD) DON’T WORRY ‘BOUT IT *Laughing* An hour into getting to New York and like i like got a haircut like I’m feeling my look and he just runs up and goes WKSHHHHHHHHHHHAAAA *everyone’s laughing* and this is a, this is like a, like this is a… i’m disfigured I’m a Do not put makeup on my open wound you motherfuck Is that toothpaste? – It’s gonna burn Also, we discovered that is a fuck button That is, um. Try the fuck button. *Funky music* Straight up and fuck the ball *Singing?* Yeahhh Aw shit I’m not- AH MOTHERFUCKING. YOU – *Keep laughing, Jack. Keep laughing.* WHAT THE FUCK, MAN? C’mon *There it is. The manly screams* *More manly screaming.* I don’t like it You love it. I- I don’t like it Let’s do elimination. We’re switching- But I- I just want to win. I know how you feel now. OK, we go hand, to neck, to balls, to butt hole. To teeth Awww, I don’t want to do the butt hole (That’s what she said) *Victorious screaming mixed with cries of pain and defeat* ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! *Markimoo throws tantrum* Oh, I’m done. I’ll hold it. Thanks, man. You really care about – *Mark scoffs* *More revelries as those who win move on, and those who lose, die.* NO! WHY’D I TRY TO PICK IT UP AGAIN No more testicles for me *realizes his mistake* YOU’RE GOING DOWNTOWN BITCH I just wanted to be loved. Alright, I’m sorry I play video games! Grab it. Grab it! *don’t take that out of context* I’m fucking Scared? Yeah! I am actually scared! *SURPRISE* *SURPRISE AGAIN* *Screams of pain* Oh, that felt so good (sure it did) *Laughs at other peoples pain* I tried so hard. Oh, that’s a good shot. Ohhhhh You have to press that button. I don’t WANT to press the button. Press the f-ing button I don’t wanna. DO IT ooooo. Oh Oh *Bystanders laugh at the situation* What’s happening? Wait. If I tase my- DO IT NOW no YESSSS *THE SOUND OF PAIN* *AND THEN LAUGHTER CAUSE PEWDS IS SPAZZING OUT* JESUS CHRIST aH I love it Oh, that reaction was everything I hoped it would be *Pewds tries to shock innocent bystander and fails* My balls fucking hurt, man. Yeah, it’s an ache for a while. It really hurts *JACK-A-BOY’S TURN* *FEEL THE BURN* *Damn pewdiepie.* *MARKIMOO’S TURN* *That looks painful* *and a bunch of bad decisions* Hit the plug button *Exasperated Markimoo sigh* Ah, my balls dude

100 comments on “ELECTRIC SHOCK MY BALLS (Fridays With PewDiePie – Part 116)”

  1. Bad Boy says:

    3:05 look at pewds neck okg that must have been so strong oop-

  2. pac man 1825 says:

    Omg tomska

  3. DavidIsDanger says:

    best video guys

  4. Thomas Hughes says:

    Green pewdiepie looks soooooo different back then

  5. Mouth Air says:


  6. Mr meow444 says:

    Hey weres Pee pee poo poo

  7. AULIS A.O.T says:

    1:35 YEET!!

  8. AULIS A.O.T says:

    1:35 YEET!!

  9. Laiah’s World says:

    It’s all my favorite boys I’m so happy 😭😂💞

  10. Camryn Power says:

    4 minutes of tomska getting bullied

  11. Spicy Apple says:


  12. steve GAMER says:

    4:46 you will see 😆😆😆😆

  13. Cutree2 says:

    Hey whatever happened to hanging out with tom anyways? 🙁

  14. Brenda Martinez says:

    Me: throws food at them
    Now FRICK

  15. LiamAnimatez Minecraft says:

    2030 anyone

  16. Daniel Anjos says:

    2 whit no colored hair and 2 with colored hair

  17. Essence Weeb Kittyx3 says:

    4 Bros, chillin' in a bedroom,
    0 feet apart cuz' they're all gay. 🎶💙💚💖💗

  18. sky3B says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Plorb Shmilf says:

    Watching this makes me feel so lonely

  20. A says:

    what the fuck was this era

  21. Music Beats says:

    Me: seeing PewDiePie has legs
    Also me: wait, that's illegal

  22. Hannah King says:

    i love this

  23. mudki says:

    i miss the time where Mark and Pewds were close friends

  24. Hello ImBasic says:

    This video shows up in my recommended when i search "pewdiepie wedding"? i mean. it makes sense.

  25. Amy Phelps says:

    Pewdiepie has a bit of masochism in him. Ha!

  26. Rehan Sajid says:

    The president of the four countries reunite for serious discussion

  27. Rehan Sajid says:

    Why are whe watching 4 adults tazzing their balls

  28. Fudgey says:

    Love all of their their new content but I gotta say I miss these types of videos

  29. LL Stylish en Español says:

    Typical weekend of all men.

  30. Lilly Loving Heart says:

    Girls sleepovers: omg chad is so hot

    Boys sleepovers:

  31. Tadhg Murphy says:

    A Swedish man, an Irish man, a Korean man and a British man shocking each other's balls

    My type of content

  32. ExTyzeD ! says:

    Playing with this thing makes you gay and lose your balls

  33. qufeng49 says:

    YouTube algorithm bring me here.

  34. GFR ZCR says:

    Welp there wont be another generations of entertainers… and tomska was blessed by some monkey and told him that everything the light touches is theirs

  35. Nix Dominus says:

    and then they all fucked

  36. Sean Gacha says:

    ok so…Irish




  37. Clarathe idiot says:

    No one:
    Sean: NEIGH

  38. Sudipto Mandal says:

    We are 100million now!

  39. Zi9makin6 says:


  40. k.k. art says:

    Frick Rom Upgrade

  41. KRASH-BrawlStars says:

    pewdiepie: * electric shocks his balls *
    also pewds: *brokes his balls *

  42. Rainbow Cheetozzz says:

    Youtube reccomending this right before Felix and Maria's honeymoon XD hope you dont want children marzia ……

  43. Deadpoor Abaga says:

    Did Mark got invited to pewds wedding?

  44. Decoy Gale says:

    Girls sleepover: "I bet the boys are talking about us."
    Boys sleepover: THIS GEM

  45. Mattias Isaksson says:

    2016 was a weird year

  46. Buzz Cola says:

    Who is watching this in 2020 ?

  47. Guapo Guacamole says:

    Why is this recommended to me

  48. WeebMan says:

    Thank you yt recommendations
    For reminding me this

  49. 69696 subscribers with no videos challenge says:

    4 bros chillin in the bed .5 feet apart cuz theyre not gay

  50. Andrea Fronda says:

    Guess you and marzia will not have a baby

  51. ツTheProGaming24 says:

    Who watching after pew got married 2019

  52. Preston K. Productions says:

    Is that everybody's favorite animator back there?

  53. Sam says:


  54. KingOfAllThe_Legends says:

    Me:sees title pewdiepie shocking his balls
    Me:I gotta watch it
    felix:WHAT THE HELL

  55. Jerome Garganera says:

    Youtube recommended me this. Very cool.

  56. Mine Rob King says:

    2:33 XD

  57. Aster Luciano says:

    I want they do more Collab together anyone want it?

  58. Phantom gaming says:

    Do it know

  59. taechim says:

    what people think boys do alone: fUcK

    what boys really do alone: electricute their balls

  60. Gacha Senpai says:

    Do anyone know who is shocked? Bcs:they all screaming

  61. Bottled Water says:

    The meme killer(felix)
    E (mark)
    Muffin Song (tom)
    All in the same room
    Also jacks there

  62. Elias Hardy says:

    Ngl, saw a gif of jack shocking his balls and spent a hot minute looking for this gem. I am satisfied

  63. Aradia Megido says:


  64. Themezmerizer 607 says:

    i liked it when they but it in the butthole

  65. Tanner Bramell says:

    Ow fuck

  66. Gourila Gamer says:

    Jackass with YouTubers! 🔥

  67. The Morning Fresh says:


  68. Emzie The Artists says:

    Tomska (voice act Tom in Eddsworld)

  69. Niklaus Mikaelson says:

    Nobody cares about the year your are watching

    Ok thanks

  70. Eli .k says:

    Can't believe this guy has a 100 million subs

  71. Abby29 says:

    Aww i really missed them together!!

    please do a collaboration again !
    please I'm begging you guys!

  72. alfonso cinco says:

    What are they playing?

  73. The Cult says:


  74. Tomboy Crazy says:

    Wait how does this game even work?

  75. Егор Артюшин says:

    TomSka pain 2:32

  76. Lê Thanh Bình Sylviana says:

    Is anyone keep seeing Felix as Chris Evans in this episode, especially the beard Chris Evans

  77. Zixi says:

    Well felix will never have kids again

  78. Człowiek says:

    3:33 can we get an F in the comments, folks?

  79. Człowiek says:

    Tomska was sort of awkward there don't ya'll think bois?

  80. DJ in the house says:

    I miss these days

  81. like sour says:

    Its sad to see we're not gonna get a video with mark jack and pewds and that other guy

  82. Dan Mobile says:

    One Swedish
    One Irish
    One British
    One American(?)

  83. gabriela dragnuta says:

    This is my favorite video on entirre YouTube

  84. Fire Demon Suites says:

    TomSka >>

  85. Anthony Dominguez says:

    4:15 It looked like it hurt pewdiepie, but at the same time it looks like he enjoyed it

  86. BiggestBlox says:

    at the end
    Everyone besides markplier Sigh
    Markiplier hit the red button flickers light

  87. HACKKER says:

    Dislike, so pewdiepie wouldnt do pain To himself.

  88. Siphon says:

    felix smrat

  89. Jeremy Boateng says:

    Who’s here in 2019?

    And why?

    Seriously, how did you find this video?

  90. Mr Sulu says:

    This is the weirdest brazzers video I've ever seen…

  91. Camryn Power says:

    "DO IT NOW"


  92. Fro Vids says:

    This entire video is just TomSka getting abused for 5 minutes straight

  93. it's FiReTea says:

    Boys locker room:

  94. Phylicia Stevens says:

    Girls locker room: Crap! I'm on my period!


  95. Lily Frey says:

    Tom = me in social situations

  96. COOBEE ETHICS says:

    I like how before mark can ever finish saying the name "jacksepticeye" He immediately does the impression 0:31 gotta love that zoom in

  97. Androgum's Best Chef says:


  98. Doug Bushey says:

    "can you guys be nice for one second"

  99. alfonso cinco says:

    What are they playing?

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