Electric Games France 2019

Hey guys its Kuji Rolls here in France competing
at the Electric Games The world’s biggest electric unicycle competition
is happening right now Ladies and gentlemen, just landed in Bordeaux Oh this ones heavy too Nice A lot of things need to happen tonight Still don’t have a complete wheel Thank you for picking me up This is my first competition… In france
period. no no, ive never raced Ive never raced
It’s 8:30 in the morning I got like 5 hours of sleep last night
Today is trial day New grip tape and Kuji pads Kuji pads How do you pronounce your name? Manu
Ma Nu Style (My new style) And JP Flex, How’s it going? Nice to meet you too
You’re racing with the 18XL? Kuji! How are you? Good
I saw your videos Did you get your… its over there
Ok, ill do that and ill see you around See ya Name. Address. Date. Signature And signature Thank you RFID tags on our shoes And we got an arm band Kuji, can you try his MSX and tell him if you think the tire pressure is good or need
to inflate or maybe not I’m going to take a little loop around here
It’s morning right now, its starting to build up its kinda getting crazy here. Theres a lot more people here than i expected Right now its time trials, so theres off-roading, streets, and slalom happening simultaneously
So everyones kinda scattered everywhere You go all the way down over here weaving
through all these things and back around and weave all the way back over here. Finish over here Dammit.That looks good Nice 17.98 is that better than me? Alright, so you guys are tied for fourth 16.74. Second place
Good job. Good job.
I’m the first loser So im currently in 2nd place with 16.24 seconds with a 0.5s penalty because i hit one of the
cones Alright, so should we do the off-roading? Yeah, lets go Im here with Monsieur Flex were doing the off-roading right now Very very hard. Oh my god How many times did you fall? Me on the water this morning Oh! It was you the water? You should definitely check out Flex’s youtube
channel. He’s got like unicycles, scooters and other
sorts of electric vehicles Thank you There’s a lot of people here You doing another run? Yeah, im gonna go for it
What was your time? First. First place? 6:27 Whaaaat? In a Kingsong? Tomorrow is what counts Yeah, but you need to get a good seed on this one Yeah, but still tomorrow, youre going to get a good gap between each run Like i came here with a lot of optimism about “oh im going to take this out” but now… Im not even certain i can come in the top Yeah Kuji Whats up? Its good see you there
Its good to see you there Thats the best one. Best one free style. Daniel Contino Noooo At least i can grab it Good? Not good. but good On your left. Thank you Your left. Thank you How’d you do? It was great. Great, very fast and my legs are… Fastest time of the day
Nice You? My best. No fall, you? My buddy Maxime is here. I think he has the 16X Im so happy to have it. The first in France. And in Europe, I think. And maybe in the world. So great
The texture is nice. Pedal is nice. Mind if i just take it out for a ride? Yes, have a ride So the production model has definitely been stylized. It looks a little nicer than the prototype
i had tried a couple months ago. I dont have much time right now so i cant
really test out the 16X the way i want to, but right now it feels pretty good. So next week when i get back to Beijing ill
be able to a full solid review of the 16X ok thank you Duck with onion. This is peppers with feta cheese Merci beaucoup. Bon appetite Merci Street race is starting in 10 minutes Noooo Ah! Theres just too much gravel on here NooooO!!! Make a run? I did.I fell twice
Not only there, i fell again on the gravel. Oh well Night Ride Its really interesting that the majority of
the wheels that are competing are the MSX and the 18XL My friends, they just ride like 40-50 km a day This has been a blast. Such a good community of hardcore riders here. It has this burning man vibe My legs are just destroyed. The riders here in France are better than
i expected its like 11 at night. as soon as this things over im gonna pass

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  1. Dron Boldy says:


  2. chaacbze says:

    Awesome Kuji. Great to see so many good riders in France. Looking forward to the next Video. London next? 😁

  3. matelslug1 says:

    alot of euc in one place, must be fun.

  4. jkingsrd1 says:

    Awesome video ,thanks for posting

  5. PiinKy ToKes' says:

    @Kuji Rolls really enjoyed the video brotha 😎🤙🏼 it’s crazy and badass to see so many Gliders bro. Hope you win and hook up a subscriber 😆 👌🏼 jk .. stay up and have fun bro , can’t wait for my KingSong16x to get to my crib🤩 anxious.!!

  6. Алексей Самошенко says:

    9:47 Посмотрите сколько у них мороженое стоит ! 1 шарик 2,5 Евро у нас в Баскин Робинс – 50 рублей, я думаю заведения одинаковые по уровню цен, из этого можно вычислить РЕАЛЬНЫЙ курс Евро ! 1 Евро = 20 рублей !

  7. TheRealAlpha2 says:

    Geez, that was some hard riding, the course looks insane. France seems to have it all together, they have well organized sporting events and stores to freely sell wheels to the public.

  8. U-Stride says:

    You belong there Kujii. Awesome video

  9. Raymond Simmonds says:

    Great video! Loved the courses -maybe too slippery… Did you notice any jittering or weird oscillation forward and backward of the KS16X at higher speeds?

  10. Bryan BryanT says:

    Your footage gave us a glimpse of the excitement at this event! Very enjoyable!

  11. General Malaise says:

    9:40 Quite the French outfit she has on. Nice.

  12. rien'n'est'grave says:

    Pourquoi rouler si vite pour tomber si souvent ?

  13. Bruno Bovy says:

    My gosh but it's merley Kuji Falls! Didn't you put too much pressure on yourself? We 're not that good! 😀 Thank you for coming anyway!

  14. Anon Mason says:

    Wait so "Electric Games" is for the unicycle circus only? Or is that just the event they're doing at the moment.

  15. Anon Mason says:

    They're counting milliseconds on a stopwatch instead of sensor?

  16. Zsolt Patonai says:

    Every frencg girl "contains" some bitch inside… 😀 9:36 ohhh so cute and sexy … XD

  17. Guillaume Bresson says:

    How you knew this event ? Because it's still confidential. You came from China ?

  18. Cosmo Wheeler says:

    thks for coming it was great 😉

  19. Hippo Pig says:

    Looks so awesome. Need this in the U.K. any tips for taking stairs like that, and for taking ramps / bumps like that? MSX arrives in the next few weeks 😀 upgrade from the V5F

  20. life and the pursuit says:

    The whole video is great. but the girl in the bakery with the striped shirt is by far the best part.

  21. Hero1nHero says:

    Can you short how Gotway MSX 100v accelerating comparatively 84v modification, please! Many people want to see this drugrace)

  22. allride says:

    342 likes is probably the highest I've ever seen without a single dislike. Love this positive community around electric riding of all kinds.
    Also, these are the events that carry PLEVs out into the world 💪 love it!

  23. Never Give Up says:

    лучше бы это были самокаты

  24. Paul Greenlee says:

    When I am on a wheel, I am happy like playing when you are very very young

  25. Kip Anderson says:

    I see leashes in the future of this sport . . .

  26. Axel Official says:

    Goood video and to your defense, you were holding a camera just to entertain us even if it meant losing . Thank you

  27. San Diago says:

    *EUC games

  28. flitsies says:

    Excellent that looks like fun, what a great way to promote electric vehicles.

    But how did you manage to get your wheel transported by air, I thought airlines refused to allow electric scooters and anything with a large battery on their planes?

  29. E Scooter Life says:

    The downhill course looked brilliant,would be wicked on a scooter 🛴


    Отличное Видео.!

  31. Павел Шипунов says:

    Very funn

  32. seng cheenh says:

    Future transportation

  33. Alessandra Marchesini says:

    How did you take your unicycle in the airplane please? I would like to do this but every site says it is not allowed due to battery potency

  34. D says:

    Nice video. Can you help me out with a better EUC for me? Been stuck with this V5F for a very long time. Over 1k miles. Can’t see myself saving for a expensive piece of equipment. I love your travel case for a EUC. Bless Up.

  35. Ruben White says:

    Great Vid! Always…just be careful when riding with a sweater or hoodie tied around your waist cuz it could get caught by the wheel

  36. TheEVside says:

    Looked awesome subbed 🙂

  37. Jonathan Bund says:

    Good videos keep up the good work

  38. Lennart Nilsen says:

    When is day 2 video coming?

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  45. Decoy Account says:

    Now just give them all armor and blunt objects on the courses. Alita Battle Angels will be closer to reality than we thought

  46. jack gil says:

    excellente initiative .. !!!!
    je fais depuis un petit moment du
    j aimerai bien voir plus de gens en faire dans mon coin et pourquoi pas des sorties …………
    bon ride tous ! et sortez couverts 🤙

  47. eddrush209mph says:

    Wouldn't you have a significant advantaged over the rest with a 100V MSX? You're talking about 40mph wheel with more torque.

  48. Georges Mcfly says:

    i have a innmotion v8, a great wheel, but i would be soo afraid to break it… those thing are so expensive!

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    10:25 great music selection for this segment..Reminds me of Benny Hill theme song (realize most won’t know who he is, but still had me rolling!)👍😏

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    Great Vid! thanks, like if we were there too! and congrats on your riding skills!!

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    You are pushing the sport forward for sure, good job. Love it!

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    Hey guys how did you get on the plane with the wheels? Were the batteries in or out? Isn't it prohibited to have a lithium battery in the checked baggage? And if it was out of the wheel, isn't it prohibited to have it on board if it's more than 160 wh?

  57. Kevin Mu says:

    From bilibili ,lol. Thanks kuji

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    Awesome video, Kuji! I noticed you packed your wheel in a suitcase. How did you transport your battery packs? Did you FedEx them separately? I’d love to travel with my wheel but the FAA has strict limits on battery sizes allowed on flights, so I’m looking for alternatives!

    Also, did you give away the 16X yet?

  59. er ba says:

    This is a great and awesome video ! I am happy that the community is growing and we need that. On the other side, since the community is getting so big, new rules makes riding more restricted.

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    Ça fait bien plaisir de te voir en France 🇫🇷👍 pour les electrics games et te mélanger avec la population française….

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    "Bitter Chicken Meat"
    "My New Style"

  62. Da Ying says:

    EUC dude: "first 16X in France, in Europe… in the world!"
    Me: … 16X is made in China… pretty sure they already got it…

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    Looks awesome with so many riders allready (i guess most of them from France) 😀 Wish there were that many riders in Sweden. Managed to gather 3 people in southern Skåne through euc forums and a disqus group. Its a start and I think more will go EUC the coming years unless politicians F. It up by some stupid law (which will not be obeyed as it would be a hypocrit move by the politicans to preach about how well they work for the environment and at the same time forbid EUCs which is among the most enviromentaly friendly vehicles out there).

    You went full tilt and then some 🙂 Next time bring spiked tyred for the grass 😉

    That 180 spin to reversing on the jump was crazy, those French guys have been working their skills in the Alps their entire life doing 360s on skiis so its a tough competition.

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