Eiyo Preview (runthrough)

6 comments on “Eiyo Preview (runthrough)”

  1. Andrea Sbragia says:

    I love the way to sounds when deflecting. That's the spirit…. the samurai spirit 😉

  2. markmorrise says:

    Nice artwork. And I like the metal coins.

  3. Kreicus says:

    Great video! 🙂 But you're fighting a needlessly tough fight! The enemies only refill after they attack back (not once you kill the last in a stack). It's written in the last paragraph of the Enemy Phase section.

  4. Christopher Lebron says:

    All of the matchbox games look terrific but the design for this one in particular is especially clever and elegant. I've back the project. As both a solo gamer and a person always looking for fast yet deep games to play with my kid or partner, this set looks ideal. Great playthrough videos, as always.

  5. Alexandre Limoges says:

    This one looks good. Wonder if it ends up "solvable" at some point.

  6. Terry Chay says:

    19:22 you are using a card that you didn't draw. Earlier that card was a card you were planning on using to concentrate and you accidentally dropped it into your hand.

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