Do Electronic Pest Repellers Work?

Out here in the shop, I’ve got a mouse
problem. For a while there it was just getting crazy … and actually at one point
last winter I had some insulation up in the rafters … and it started to DRIP. It started to drip from all the mouse piss that was up in the insulation just
dripping down! Uh, so I decided to totally put an end to it: I caught a bunch of mice in my live traps. And I cleaned it out … got rid of a
lot of the fabric and cloth and places where they’re bedding down. And then the
other thing I did was I decided to invest in one of these electronic
kitties. Now, I don’t know if you’re familiar with these guys but the idea
behind the electronic kitty is that it emits ultrasound and is supposed to
really bother pests. So, I got one of these guys that’s supposed to drive mice
crazy … I got one of these … And then I got a bunch of them! I got this one … I got
this really hardcore one that you plug in and it says that it actually gets rid
of mice mosquitoes and cockroaches and has a variable emission … so you know it
doesn’t just emit the frequency all at once. And I got this guy. So for awhile
now for actually almost a year I’ve been
running FOUR electronic cats. Four of these pest repellers mice repellers out here
in the garage and the problem looked to me to be getting better
using my trail cam I set up a simple test I put a little jar lid with some
almond butter out here in the shop set up the trail cam and you’ll see what I
saw which was that I still had mice problems. Check it out! You got the little mice showing up eating peanut butter out here
in the shop even though I’ve got four electronic cats working for me.
All right, so stage 2 on the test of the electronic kitty: you know I really did
think these things were working pretty well … So stage 2 the test as I’ll show
you right now was to actually surround the little cap of almond butter wit h
electronic kitties. And check it out the mouse shows up! Now to the credit of the
electronic kitties there were several nights when the mice
did not show up for the almond butter but after a few nights they did they
showed up and they start feasting on it. So the last thing I’m gonna do with
these ultrasonic pest repellers is test them with my decibel tester even
though the sound is what’s called ultrasonic or outside of the human
hearing range you should still be able to register the emission of decibels
using the decibel testers. So first up in the test is this ultrasonic emitter from
Svinz … so first let’s just get an ambient reading … (no talking) Okay so the ambient reading is
right around 34 and I’m gonna turn this guy on and we’ll see what the reading is (no talking) so this guy right here is emitting
between 20 and 40 decibels of ultrasonic high-frequency sound the next one I’m gonna test is
this one … this is a real cheapo real basic no extra settings no lights or
anything like that and again let’s get the ambient sound here without it turned
on it’s about 34 decibels and you can see it’s on it’s got the light on right
there it is really close to where it was
before it’s really running in right around 34 still even with the sensor
right next to the pest repeller let’s check that again yeah this guy is either
emitting nothing or it’s just really really undetectable by the meter. The third
one I’ll test is this guy this is one of the ones I’ve had out here in the shed
it has a nightlight which I’ll just go ahead and turn off and then it has the
ability to emit the sound in a variable way or a fixed way … I’m just gonna sit
over on fixed. I think that’ll be better for our test … plug this baby in and you can
see the lights flashing so it’s on and we’ll see what it does So, similarly this guy is registering
almost zero emission so these two so far are duds at least according to a decibel
tester … and this one right here is cranking out about 30 to … no 20 to 40
decibels. The last one I’ll test is this one … and this is the one that is
actually called the electronic kitties you can see it’s got the picture of the
cat on here and it’s got a euro plug so I’ve got to put this adapter on it and
plug this guy in you can see its on with the green light … (no talking) It looks like it’s kicking out about 6
decibels 6 decibels so by far the most impressive one of these is this Svins
dude that as I’ll show you again was kicking out about 40 decibels so I just
turned it on and it’s cycling through Mouse cockroach and mosquito different
sound frequencies and we’ll just see that reading again it’s up in the 50s and 60s so I think
what that means is that at least this guy is doing something whereas these
other testers over here on the right are just you know probably not doing
anything at all … BUT the story still stands that this did not keep the mice
away. So what is the final verdict on these electronic kitties? According to
the decibel tester most the ones I have aren’t even emitting any detectable
sound waves but this one is … but as we know in the pictures this guy doesn’t
even keep the mice away so I think you’re probably best off with real cat
or mouse traps if you want to keep mice out of your garage

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  1. Yehovah Shammah. Yehovah-Is-Here says:

    Sounds like a pet rock to me….

  2. Troy Dube' says:

    If it weren't for this video and the internet I'd have wasted money. Thank you.

  3. A says:

    He cant measure it cause the meter is measuring max 20khz

  4. jose perez says:

    I’m just going to burn the house down 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Duane Dobson says:

    Thanks that explains a lot . I bought one along with several glue traps for the first time . The rodent is hiding in a closet and I put a glue trap and an electronic one in the closet. So far it’s been two days. No results that I can see

  6. sajidkhanmahmood says:

    I was going to buy one of these as i hate seeing spiders but then i watched this video. Someone somewhere is making alot of money from this crap.

  7. John Wise says:

    Oh well I just lost $13 . But, the flashing light on mine does make a good night light lol 😁😁😁😁

  8. jak mak says:

    Mice love to eat under a soft blinking light, it chill's dem out 🐁 🐭 .

  9. SkinCareLuver says:

    I keep having cockroaches running in my house. I dispose them so much I hate saying their name but it's annoying problem and it's not small. It grosses me out. The other day I was coming home from the hospital, I came home feeling so much better with my strawberry milk and cookies and what did I run into? A nasty fucking cockroaches on my ceiling. I was so pissed so I decided it's time to do something about this shit

  10. Randal Ellis says:

    Sorta figured these were trash. Frequency of decibel Meter would be cool to know as well as the devices. Perhaps the “duds” aren’t really duds. I’m gonna dig more into the science. I was hoping to see some lab tests.

  11. plutoplatters says:

    " Mouse Piss " sounded funnnnnny

  12. Elizabeth Gaspodnetich says:

    Thanks! I have been having a mouse problem out in my shed in the back and some of these little 4-leggers are finding their way in the house! I was thinking about getting one of these Electronic Pest Control devices but I really haven't looked into their effectiveness. Well, lucky for me, YOU showed up! Thanks to you I will just keep the traps and snakes going! I live out in the sticks and if you want really good mouse control, catch a few Bull Snakes and turn them loose in your house! I found a mouse hole in the wall in the little room my husband has his tools in. I found a snake, brought him in, and turned him loose in the hole in the wall and Soon the mouse population seemed to shrink! The only problem with using snakes for mice control, my dogs try to kill them when they find them!! They really do work great though!

  13. Kino says:

    Been looking for this roach with my brother for like 45mins and we just thought to look up audio of roach repellent and in likw within 2 mins no joke it came out.

  14. TEAMJESUS 70 says:

    I've worked Pest Control for 25 years. # 1 Find the door and close it.

  15. Andrea Ratkovic says:

    Can you sue those companies for selling products that don’t work as claimed and have proven to emit NOTHING even though they say they do? That’s egregious false advertising for sure! I’m sure you can get a class action suit going; no telling how many people have been ripped off.

  16. Bernando Turner says:

    They not supposed to make Noise, humans can detect duh"😁

  17. SpeedyCash 94 says:

    always a problem? just nuke the house

  18. Rei Kai Honeybee says:

    Great info , I’ll use trap better

  19. MAI says:

    Great useful video, thanks a lot.. Wish I found your video before I bought the repellent.

  20. H F says:

    big issues.. mice carry ticks /lyme disease

  21. Formaldehyde007 says:

    You don't subtract the ambient level from the reading to determine the decibel level. As long as the noise source is above the ambient level that is the true decibel reading. If it is below the ambient level, you cannot measure it.

  22. Chill Wimee says:

    That’s not how decibels work. They are power summed. An increase of 3 decibels is double the volume. So when it read 75 decibels it was effectively emitting 75 decibels

  23. Perrito Chihuahua says:

    Didn't work at all …. Due of this I am going to the poison stations outside the house ….. And im mixing cayenne paper with granules for insects and spread every weekend ….

  24. Inger DiGirolamo says:

    Thank you for taking the time to check these out and the trail cam footage.

  25. Yaksangulin says:

    I had rat and mouse problems at my restaurant which is big problem
    We tried the traps and caught 1 or 2 mouse
    The rat keeps cranking out mouse
    We couldn’t keep up
    So what we did was we marinated 1 hot dog over night in antifreeze
    And put it out it killed the whole family
    No more rat problems after that
    But make sure cats and dogs don’t eat it
    Cause it will kill

  26. bubba d says:

    I have 4 of them running in my garage, bell and howell, JUNK! Dont waste your money

  27. Daniel Davis says:

    Pro tip: Stop talking and moving the meter when you're trying to figure out how loud the devices are.

  28. Karina R says:

    Do these work with roaches?

  29. amir ibrahim says:

    what is the am you used ?

  30. Fernando DeJesus says:

    Thanks! I save myself ,$35 99,on the purchase,back to the old convention way. The merchant must hate you,but we love you for your honesty thanks again.

  31. riotfirerfi says:

    Awww such cute little furballs. Those are deer mice. Such the cutest with those big eyes

  32. Desert-Bay Tan says:

    You are too sexy to be making vids I'm destracted

  33. Robert B says:

    Perhaps if you recorded everybody here laughing their ass off that might scare it away

  34. Sid Snyder says:

    Just get some Victor mouse trap, put some tootsie rolls, or chocolate, and do away with the trap and mouse properly. I put the trap and mouse into a zip lock bag, and then dispose of them in a larger trash bag, with your other garbage. I have had mice walk right by these unltra sonic devices. Or, they will leave the area, and go to another part of the house, which does not get rid of the problem.

  35. bat hala says:

    Electronic kitty: we guarantee our costumers to have a pest free home.
    Mouse: Imma end this pussy whole career.

  36. Jessica Harris says:

    I just got a kitten. Can't wait to toss his ass outside so he can start killing those bastards.

  37. Rakly 3 says:

    Crap, i just bought one of these.
    Should have looked it up BEFORE I buy it lol.
    I was skeptical, but really hoped it would work.

  38. Robert says:

    I have used just about every kind of so called repellers out their and I have had absolutely no good results at all, they are all junk

  39. Robert says:

    Also have used the so called poisons available, rat traps both live and kill type, work for awhile then the super rats get smart and avoid everything. The only way is to plug holes with metal. The rats went thru the spray foam like it was cheese, chewed through 2 x 4 s also, they are unbelievable, it's been a real battle this summer since a Hispanic family moved in next door and started raising chickens and other fowl, which they feed on the ground in their back yard. I can sit outside and watch rats crawling under a wood fence , trying to get our dog's food. It really sucks.

  40. spitfireyellow spitfireyellow says:


  41. todd peachey says:

    Another product that should have never made it to the shelf for consumers to blow hard earned cash on.
    If we had a legitimate government instead of a band of pedophile crooks shit products would never be on the shelves.
    This kind of b***** would come with high fines and loss of license.
    So easy to regulate but it never happens.
    It's not good enough that you can return anything for your money these days because they still make billions on the people that don't have the time, can't find the receipt, or don't want to bother.

  42. Ryuk Lannister says:

    You seem like a really chill dude lol, I hope you solve your issue

  43. SysPowerTools says:

    That's not how the DB tester works. You can hear sound below ambient. Personally, I'm skeptical about those things all together.

  44. Britexit Engineer says:

    Invite a patrolling cat, the cat will inspect where the mice have been (usually cupboards) & mark these places with it's scent by nudging & rubbing itself against the surfaces the mice will now avoid the area where the cat has been.

  45. dsscam says:

    I'm going through a problem right now. Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers do NOT work AT ALL!

  46. 3D Printwiz says:

    Just bought a Python pet and let it go around my house hunting for mice, much more effective. Key is to feed it if it does not find any mice, coz it might turn on you if it gets hungry. hehe

  47. Bene Butterbean says:

    Mice can squeak at 60,000 Hz and higher!

  48. Ma ON says:

    You need to be careful here: A: you don't know what frequency is being produced. B: you don't know what frequency range you dB meter can measure. Therefore, your conclusions are specious.

  49. gotaigo says:

    Thanks for the tests; it saved me from buying these useless electronics.

  50. 4Maestro1 says:

    You should also have a video on whether/how decibel testers work. Some viewers might miss the "ambient reading" part, and get confused by the difference in what they are seeing vs what you're saying (I have to confess that I did, the first time through the video). It would be nice to get some info on testers, so noone buys cheap junk that doesn't do what they are supposed to. Also, I've never heard of any of these brands. Are you in Europe or Canada? You mentioned a euro-plug. Anyway, it sounded like the Svinz was the only one doing anything.

  51. Jessee Lisa Beatty says:

    I bought the roach one.. I asked for a refund.. They were like well send it back..i did ..full of my refund plus a new one..sent it back full of roaches..i bet they got roaches LMFAO rat one little bastard chewed it

  52. Chica La Mejor says:

    I think it would work on the wall, not with the cort🤔🤔🤔🤔.

    What yall think????

  53. booger king says:

    If anyone wants to buy these, just message me. I'll lend my mom to you for a fee and she'll keep on nagging for hours and output more decibels than these devices.

  54. Larry Meyer says:

    U. S. Corporations selling Chinese made junk screwing the American public.

  55. Vanguard For life says:

    Very good test.

  56. bmoredark3six ps4pro Gaming says:

    I got an electric plug in they dont work atall

  57. aomanchutube says:

    Watch out for that last one that releases all that frequency at the same but another thing that could work and releases all their frequency at the same time is firecrackers!

  58. udon backpacking says:

    These crap dont work. I bought two different brand off Amazon and same results. Nothing…

  59. NickMonteleone says:

    I have to agree the things don't work worth a damn. But,,,you are using a sound meter. The devices emit very high frequencies your meter might not be sensitive to. I have a few of the pest repellers and they did emit sound proved by my Amprobe ultra sonic tester that I use to test for leaks but the mice were not bothered by it. Maybe they were just deaf.

  60. Larry Russ says:

    Hey Amigo thanks for the effort you put into this. Most of what I read says that these ultrasonic devices don't provide much assistance in repelling mice for various reasons–placement, gradual acclimation to the sound produced, etc. I wonder though how accurately a standard db meter can detect volume( or more correctly sound pressure level-SPL). Decibel meters seem to be aimed at measuring the SPL of frequencies that humans can hear (20hz to 20,000 hz) to aid in the prevention damage to human hearing in noisy environments. Measuring the sound pressure level of frequencies beyond that range( so called ultrasonic) probably requires a different instrument. Perhaps the one repellent device that seemed to be "working" was emitting a frequency that the meter could detect. No criticism intended here just some fun musing. The bottom line is the little buggers are winning.

  61. karen l Smith says:

    I had the most amazing Osprey on my shed they would move to the fence and would watch them from the kitchen window. I had such a mouse problem in the shed, the mice ate my vintage books. I sprayed a poison around and in the shed and the mice were gone. I never saw the Osprey again. I will regret it till I die. The price for being stupid.

  62. Sovannara Mey says:

    Thanks for useful video posting.

  63. Saffire Channing says:

    Yep, the BEST thing to keep mice outta your home is a CAT! Anything else is just a WASTE of time and money.

  64. Tcheco Lee says:

    F*** science i have 3 cats XD

  65. Rolls Royce says:

    I was going to buy a few of them….changed my mind…..thanks

  66. Travis Cavage says:

    No they don't. Wasted $100 on multiple ones

  67. Mike says:

    ultrasonic devices only work for a short time – as something new that scares the rodents – but they will become used to the noise when they see there is no danger – instead, use a motion detector alarm – that will scare the mouse poop outta em.

  68. sharon jones says:

    No they don’t . I put 2in my shed, I think it attracted more.

  69. James Moore says:

    I was told by a restaurant owner that the ultra sonic rat and roach killers do not work, back in 1985, after seeing a cockroach run across one of the devices. Total FAIL!!! Then 2 years ago I heard about using 432htz to calm down the brain and produce sleep. I was using my phone to send the sound to my stereo, which made it much louder, so 432htz worked, when amplified and then I tried the rat killers, and in 20 minutes the rat sounds stopped, and did not return. So the idea works, but you have to modify the system so it is very loud, at least for rats and mice ect… Brother James OSB OFS OSC

  70. takeitindballs says:

    It should be illegal to sell junk like that that doesn't work!

  71. Ibzi Ahmed says:

    I bought one of those mini rat repeller now i know why it didnt do nothing as rats made my kitchen a haven

  72. Michael Grisafi says:

    those must be the Deaf Mice

  73. Jasper Edwards says:

    all a waste of money poison stinks the house out snap traps dont always work the live traps work better but most mice are so clever some are stupid

  74. bellesmom2012 says:

    maybe the mice still there are deaf? You have hearing impaired or disabled mice, lol. Sorry, you have probably heard that a million times now as I'm not sure how old this video is.
    I need to get rid of ants. I'm an idiot tho because I just got my resellers in the mail today & thought to check you tube. I deserve ants. oh well, it's only money, right, sobbing softly as I walk away….

  75. kirk mcloren says:

    Only thing mine did was convince a robin her babies were on the other side of the window

  76. asjabluedog says:

    I had an issue with field mice, by the hundreds! I tried all the bs ultra sonic things that do nothing!! So I got rid of all of them by sitting out shallow dishes of plaster if Paris powder, don't leave where other pets can eat obviously. Mice, rats etc love it, scoop up massive mouthfuls and then go away and die as it sets in their stomach. Never saw any dead ones, no stink etc just all mice gone!! Some may say its cruel but its no different to poisons or traps.

  77. Bob Gilgunn says:

    I have an old ultrasonic device (tags fell off) that has an adjustable frequency control. Since we have had it we don't have any spiders in those areas. Unfortunately your testing procedure is incorrect without actually knowing the frequency range of your Decibel reader.
    Many of these useless devices probably have the improper frequency and that also needs to be measured.

  78. J & B Homeliving says:

    I never had any problems with the old style spring loaded traps that kill mice. I use either bread or peanut to lure them.
    Once I had a smart rat that got the bait without getting trapped or killed with an rat trap. So I used a wooden board and nailed two metal strips parallel to each other and put a wire on each strip and plugged that thing into an outlet and 2 hours later that rat got killed instantly with that thing after it crossed those 2 metal bars.

    Those glue traps work very well but is more expensive to catch mice.

  79. Scott Miller says:

    Stay clear of Pest Reject.

    This is a product they claim will remove mice from your home. We bought 3 units totaling $107.45. I thought I was safe taking a chance on this due to their satisfaction guarantee or full refund (lol).

    We saw no improvement concerning mice activity. They seemed to be completely unaware. It did not work.

    We returned the product with original packaging as they demand. It was returned 10/29/2019 and the company does not dispute that they received the product back.

    Here’s the maddening part. They send emails assuring you that the refund is ”being processed” but you never actually get the refund. I have a dozen emails saying exactly that. My guess is most people give up (yes I realize it’s ‘only’ $100 and that’s what they depend on).

    It’s a scam.

    PS I came across this a few months after I’d gotten scammed:

    In summary, ultrasonic pest repellers emit high-frequency sounds that manufacturers claim reduce household pest infestation, but laboratory tests have shown that the majority of such devices do not work as advertised, in violation of FTC guidelines.

    I concur.

  80. Skyforse AO says:

    Sadly l cant get a cat because l have 2 dogs and l will try the traps but it will be hard to hide the traps somewhere that the mouse goes but the dogs can't reach

  81. JD C says:

    Your test may not be accurate. Check the frequency response range of the dB meter you are using to perform the testing. Many of those hand held meters have a range up to 8.5 kHz or 12 kHz. Those rodent deterrent plug ins could be emitting a frequency above the detection range of your meter.
    It could be transmitting 15 kHz to 20 kHz so it may go undetected with you meter.
    Just curious what the numbers are on both. Can you post them? Thanks

  82. Sterling Archer says:

    Thank you buddy. Just saved me 30 bucks.

  83. Carlos Marin says:


  84. Rick Stillwell says:

    I had no idea a sound meter would pick up ultrasonic!

  85. Johnny Savage says:

    Deci bells 🔔 😂

  86. Tested Ideas says:

    more talks less test, we don't want to know what decibles are those, we want to see weather it work or not with proof. what you did just keep talking and talking talking and talking talking and talking talking and talking talking and talking talking and talking talking and talking for six minutes

  87. Alto Nova says:

    The fact that these electronic repellers state they do not affect house pets such as cats and dogs is tell tale they don't work. If they had warnings not to use them around domestic pets then I would be more inclined to think they are effective.

  88. liz serrano says:

    Those scam never worked my apt

  89. DJFP says:

    Isnt the point to repel the mice? So why did you put out peanut butter at the same time? Of course they come for the food.

    Did the devices work when you had no food for them? Because that is what matters…

  90. night crawer says:

    At least your camera works

  91. JUDALATION gamestrodamous says:

    ok it does not work on mice… but will it work on my wife?

  92. J Sutton and Co. Moving Services LLC says:

    Video really did us all some justice and saved probably all of us money on those products and similar. i looked this up after seeing a mouse. Now i know i might as well get a pellet gun and stay up late in the kitchen, in the dark, with a bb gun and just wait for clear shot! Thanks for sharing !

  93. That One Dude says:

    Thanks for the tests,I wish I woulda watched more of these videos before I bought a few packs out these repellers that were supposedly the best kind to get but I haven't seen much affect on my spider mites/other bugs around my plants


    If you have Jerry graduate you need Tom at home

  95. enemsee says:

    So I wasted a lot of money?

  96. Charlie C. says:

    Completely useless. I had 2 mice come in. So I plugged one of those big ultrasonic repellers right where they came in. I also put glue traps all around. Guess what. One got stuck on the glue trap, one meter (one yard) from the repeller. So they are obviously BS.

  97. AdamRadz Sinclair says:

    I herd mouse running inside my house and ceiling every night! I adopt a cat, I didn’t hear any mouse running… they just disappeared!

  98. WALTER FONTAN says:


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