DLink : Set up Wireless Repeater mode

hi, today i made repeater mode setting on D-LINK wifi router Connection model as the image above You go to the specific installation steps as above Open a web browser Enter the IP address of D-Link wifi router Save and Connect username: Admin Password is blank Login login successful, followed by the repeater mode setting Wireless Set name and password for wifi network Set wifi network name in Name box (SSID) D-Link_Repeater ,example Set up wifi password in the Security Options section Security Options: WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK AES set up wifi password in Pre-Shared Key box eg 1234abcd ClickApply” to save the configuration The result of installing this step is as shown above Wireless>>Wireless Repeater Repeater Enabled Site Survey OK Wait a bit to scan the list of access point around This is a list of access point around I will connect to the main wifi router named NETVN Click on the tick option on the right as the image above next Enter NETVN’s wifi password in the Pre-Shared Key box in this example is 123456789 next set up ip address to avoid coinciding with the ip address of wifi NETVN for example finish Some settings are reported on OK The ip address has changed to The installation is complete Try the results D-Link_Repeater Enter the correct password installed in the previous step 1234abcd Connected youtube.com success See the computer’s ip address If you want to log into D-LINK repeater, set up the static address for the computer You can set the address as above Thanks for watching
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20 comments on “DLink : Set up Wireless Repeater mode”

  1. Rafi Official says:


  2. Ibrahim Morawej says:

    I have a D-link DIR-605L, i have tried the same options but it still says no internet connection…. or limited…. what am i doing wrong? also what type of cable layout have you used between the main router and repeater router? (cross or straight?)

  3. Putra Pratama says:

    Knapa gk bisa login admin gan stelah semua terkoneksi, pdahal ip adrees ny sesuai dengan ip adress yang sy rubah Misal 192.168.0. ….
    Mau ganti" pasword wifi ny repot gan harus reset ulang trus…
    Muon solusi ny gan

  4. Fiqar Galih says:

    i still cant connect after i change the ip, is there any way i could know the main ruoter's ip?

  5. LaSupreme says:

    will this boost my wifi??

  6. Antonius Arthur says:

    Ini bisa make 2 internet berbeda tidak 1 dari wifi 1nya dari kabel supaya speednya kencang?

  7. vinesh raja says:

    Kindly post D-Link 2730u router as repeater configuration

  8. Tanvir Manik says:

    hpw to use dsl-2750U reapeter

  9. Shri Satyam Sadhana Kutir Rishikesh says:

    My DLink DSL-2750U have no wireless repeater options … what can do…. how to connect Jiofi to Dlink router.

    If any video for DLink DSL2750U …Please send me.

  10. Akhyar nopen says:

    Jarak nembak wifinya brp meter max?

  11. 3D ZONE says:

    Site survey not showing

  12. 3D ZONE says:

    Site survey says no ne of wifi

  13. Rohan Surse says:

    Is it possible to configure dlink2750u as repeater

  14. Bhanu Patel says:

    how to use dsl 2750u as a repeater?

  15. pankaj verma says:

    do not make mute videos

  16. HaRsH says:

    Bro i my router there is no wireless option on top

  17. rest in peace says:

    i can find wireless category i have dlink 2730u

  18. Abhishek Kesara says:

    Hi Can use it as a repeater for even Fibernet broadband connections like Jio or ACT?

  19. Vinod Menon says:

    When we give up address in website it opens admin panel for current router and not for old router which is D-Link

  20. Gareth Collocott says:

    I wish people would post that it is a Dlink DIR, most have dsl which do not have the "repeater" function. Wasting everyone's time by simply not labeling correctly. Thats 4 minutes of life no one can get back

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