DIY: How to Install Microwave Oven Electrical Outlet Box In Cabinet

9 comments on “DIY: How to Install Microwave Oven Electrical Outlet Box In Cabinet”

  1. jeffostroff says:

    What problems did you encounter when installing your microwave oven electrical outlet box? Ask your questions below and we'll answer them for you.

  2. 1 JetGator says:

    Good video mister… Thanks! 😎

  3. cali818 says:

    if its a microwawe dedicated circuitn does it really hace to be a single receptacle?

  4. jeffostroff says:

    Parts & Tools used in this Microwave Oven outlet video:

    ✅ Fluke FLK2AC/90-1000V Pocket-Sized Voltage Detector:

    ✅ Milwaukee 3-Piece 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set:
    ✅ Klein Tools D213-9NE Lineman Pliers:

    ✅ VOLTCLAW COMBO-PACK Electrical Wire Pliers:

    ✅ Leviton 20 Amp Tamper Resistant Refrigerator Outlet:

    ✅ Carlon B114R 1 Gang Old Work Box:

    ✅ Single-Gang Box Extender, Heavy-Duty Plastic:

  5. Elizabeth A says:

    Hi we just recently moved into a brand new house that is set up to have an above the stove microwave in the kitchen. The electrician put the outlet below the cabinets where the microwave is supposed to go. Can we still put a microwave in that space the way it is?

  6. Craig Anderson says:

    Never even thought that the original hood was not dedicated.

    Shit, i need to be very meticulouson thesethings
    I'm an electrical engineer!

  7. Greg says:

    How you changed all the outlets to gfci protected , by the looks of that panel they’re not even grounded

  8. A Davis says:

    It may be code to have a dedicated line to the microwave but it makes no real sense. That outlet you are pointing to is where most people plug that same microwave into when it is sitting on the counter top. Also it's most likely connected to several other outlets and then to a 15 amp breaker in the box. Why is it that when you take that same microwave and move it from the counter top to the wall you have to run it to a dedicated 20 amp circuit? And why a 20 amp circuit? The average microwave only draws about 12 amps when it's operating.

  9. Pancakebut says:

    Ask me to Sub AFTER the video not Before i view ur content. People do this all the time. lol

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