Digital Multimeter – Block Diagram, Working Principle & Construction – Electronic Instrumentation

30 comments on “Digital Multimeter – Block Diagram, Working Principle & Construction – Electronic Instrumentation”

  1. vikram gawali says:

    How rectifier can convert dc to ac ….n ac to DC also…???? Don't make fool

  2. Neeraj Singh says:

    Total wrong description of block diagram …. rectifier converts AC into DC not DC to AC ……

  3. Prakash Kumar says:

    Thank you

  4. Aryan Sharma says:

    Please small video bnaiye

  5. THiNgs To qUit# says:

    Thankyuu so much mam

  6. Rjseven HD says:

    Wrong explanation…

  7. Raju Annamdevula says:

    Don't say wrong ………rectifier wont convert DC to ac😠

  8. Curiosity End Here says:

    Superb explanation .. and those who think that mam say rectifier convert dc to ac .. it's just a slip of tongue .. u can see theory portion in video .. she clearly explain that rectifier convert ac to dc .. so u explained well mam thankuu 😊

  9. Partha Barman says:

    Thanks mam

  10. Muhammed Shibin says:

    it's a wrong explanation
    can't convert dc to ac using a rectifier,

  11. Rapando Ben says:

    thank you,mum absolutely great explanation

  12. ritesh gupta says:

    Excellent explaination 🤘🤘🤘👊 just with al slip of tounge

  13. ritesh gupta says:

    For who those don't know the calibrated attenuator it is just like inverse amplifier it reduces the amplitude of high votage to measurable range for a digital inst. 23o volts is high voltage

  14. tire soul says:

    Thanks ma'am
    Nice vedio
    Completely understanding

  15. Pranjali Sharma says:

    Yar kuch toh CLEARLY explain krdo….i mean have you ever seen the videos by pradeep sir? Nope? Then please have a look. I just pray everyday ki sir he higher level videos bnani shuru krde. Atleast there'll be someone i can rely on. To be honest , this videos is for someone who need to pass their so called EXAMS. And yes, i need to pass them but kuch toh bheje m kaam ki cheez aye yar ……seriously!!!! Aghhhh!!!!

  16. Karan Kumar says:

    What is this mam as I can see there is no concept at all. You should have atleast basic knowledge for taking classes.
    Very bad experience with you.

  17. shivam agrawal says:

    What rubbish…! You should stop giving wrong information..some serious aspirant might be misguided.

  18. Veli ALICI says:

    Açık şema yoksa yapılan iş eksiktir. Where is the open circuit diagram. If there is an open circuit diagram, I expect my e-mail address.

  19. Aayush Neupane says:


  20. Harshitha Harshitha says:

    Plz tell me that in measurement of resistance what would the work of buffer amplifier??

  21. Muhammad Usman says:

    Rectifier is used to convert ac to dc not dc to ac ..It is inverter which convert dc to ac…

  22. Shorya Sharma says:

    Thanks man for teaching us

  23. Rohit Raju says:

    U said ac voltage is feed to attenuator and converted again to ac how??

  24. Swapnil Prasad says:

    nice video

  25. mansi upadhyay says:

    Teachers like you mislead students..what a rubbish!
    Worst and the most overconfident teacher I have ever seen!
    Such a poor and WRONG explaination

  26. Pritam Das says:

    Please don't teach like that, I think you don't have proper knowledge in this topic . The video was full of mistakes ……

  27. Ayan Sehgal says:

    Worst video…. Too many ads! Can't really concentrate on the subject! 😠😠😠

  28. Shravan Shetty says:

    what are the advantage and disadvantage of digital meter ?

  29. Pranjali Koli says:

    Dont only explains the written things on paper..explain why each block is needed. Explain with logic not only marks purpose.

  30. MOBILINFO says:

    Khudko hi padha rahi hai

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