Department of Telecommunications, University of Sarajevo – PROMO video (English)

The Department of Telecommunications was founded
in 1976, and it is one of four departments of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
University of Sarajevo. Since 2005, study programs have been harmonized
with the Bologna Declaration, and are divided into Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Studies. The bachelor’s study program, with a duration
of three years, is oriented towards fundamentals of engineering practice and telecommunication
knowledge, and it is accredited by ASIIN – the German member of European Quality Assurance
Association in Higher Education (ENQA). On the other hand, the master’s study program
with a duration of two years is oriented towards practical engineering work and scientific-research
activities. The Department of Telecommunications is equipped
with modern laboratories for radio communications, telecommunications techniques, software-defined
networks, server laboratory and Internet of Things laboratory. In these laboratories, components and systems
for wireless transmission of information, Quantum Cryptography, Multimedia Signal Processing,
active and passive network devices, telecommunications software, and Internet of Things applications
are being studied and practically implemented using advanced simulators, emulators and development
platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NetFPGA, USRP and more. During studies, students acquire fundamental
knowledge in theoretical electrical engineering while specialized knowledge, skills and competencies
are gained through practical work, laboratory exercises and project assignments, which make
students competitive on the labour market. Students have the opportunity to collaborate
with international academic and industrial partners, and within Erasmus+, CEEPUS, DAAD
and Mevlana’s exchange projects, our students carry out part of their study program at partner
universities in many European countries. In addition, students often attend various
workshops and lectures held by foreign lecturers, and as a result of cooperation with numerous
business partners, they participate in frequent visits to companies possessing technical resources
and knowledge. The Department of Telecommunication has implemented
numerous local and international scientific and research projects and aims to strengthen
cooperation with industrial partners to improve the telecommunications sector of Bosnia and

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