Dante™ Interface – SpeechLine Digital Wireless Pt.6 | Sennheiser

My name is Kai Tossing, I’m portfolio manager at Sennheiser, I would like to introduce to you SpeechLine Digital Wireless, the digital revolution. Now I would like to speak about the Dante™ interface. But what is Dante™? Dante™ is the most common Audio-over-IP network standard… …which enables you to route your audio information from A to B in your network. Dante™ bridges all kinds of AV-equipment: Loudspeakers, a mixing console or a DSP processor. As Dante™ solutions are broadly available, it easy to integrate into an existing or new
infrastructure. And SpeechLine Digital Wireless is part of that. The SL DI 4 XLR features 4 XLR inputs… …each of them is equipped with phantom power… …so you can use it also with condenser microphones., such as the ME 36 or a boundary layer microphone. It’s part of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless family, as it is exactly tailored for this
application. In most applications, in most presentation rooms you have 2 to 4 microphones, so it’s exactly the right size to be cost-efficient for integrating Dante™ into SpeechLine Digital Wireless. With the SL DI 4 XLR, SpeechLine Digital Wireless speaks the most common Audio-over-IP language:

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