Cre8 Sounds Wireless Earbuds | CR8-P1 Sport Review!

What is going on guys today we are
taking a look at the Cre8 P1 Sport true wireless earbuds
but before we jump into these guys I just want to say that if this is your
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disclaimer real quickly I do want to thank create audio for sending me these
earbuds to do this review they did send them to me at no cost to do this review
however this is a non bias review I’m not being paid to give this a positive
or a negative review the experiences with this product are exactly what I’m
going to share with you today again to help you guys make a better tech buying
decision now with that out of the way let’s jump in and unbox these guys so
here it is you got nice create p1 sport packaging looks really nice it’s got a
cool looking texture got all your feature set here on the back but I’m not
gonna waste a lot of time here we’re gonna go ahead and unbox these guys just
like that so there it is that worked out really well here’s everything that you
have in the package you get a nice little carrying case you’ve got your
standard manual that has all the instructions on how to use the product
as well as how to pair it up and all that good stuff you got your micro USB
cable here that comes with the packaging so micro USB charging and you’ve got
your additional size earbuds as well as the P ones right here and so these guys
are pretty cool so now let’s jump in I’ll give you a tour of the headphones
themselves and then we’ll talk about specs and my overall review alright guys
so here you have the create p1 sports you got a pretty thick case it’s not
it’s not a small case it’s fairly on the thick side but you do have it’s a it’s a
semi translucent lid I don’t know if you can see that very well if you can see my
fingers moving through there it’s a translucent lid because you got your
indicator LEDs here on the inside in the center for charging as well as the
battery life level of the cases so you’ve got your earbuds here but Before
we jump into those you do have a standard USB a port on the front
the reason being is that this case can also be used as a power bank to charge a
mobile device so not only is the Bower the power in here going to be using to
charge the earbuds themselves but you can also use this as a power bank you’ll
notice that this is a microUSB charged product which is you know a little
unfortunate because the battery life is a little bit bigger but it is what it is
it’s not so big to the point where you need to have a USB C or some other
charging but micro USB on this guy to charge on the other side here you’ve got
your button which which would basically turn on the power bank when you’re using
it to charge an external device there’s a little knob right here a little notch
here that you kind of flip the case open and there you have the inside you’re
gonna notice that these guys are pretty large these are a pretty large bulb
shaped earbud they are touch which is awesome they have touch controls which
is fantastic and we’ll talk about those in just a little while but here you’ve
got basically your two your two contacts you’ve got kind of a matte finish on the
outside here it’s matte but it’s got a slight gloss to it so they do pick up a
little bit of fingerprints which is a little unfortunate but overall it’s not
a gloss completely glossy so that’s a very it doesn’t pick up a ton of
fingerprints but it does indeed pick up some fingerprints you’ll notice that
you’ve got kind of a long long angular kind of a like a snorkel looking tip
here for that your buds that go down into your ears and then you’ve got a
very soft very thin very light membrane ear tip now we’re definitely going to
talk about these in a little bit because this is definitely probably the biggest
con of these ear buds and we’ll talk about that here in just a few minutes
but overall that is the ear bud so now let me jump over we’ll talk about some
of the specs and then I’ll give you my overall breakdown on what I think of the
create p1 sports so now I’m going to turn to the box here and I’m going to
read some of the specs for these guys here and then I’ll give you my
comparison and what I think about them how the actual performance stacks up
against what the specs say so right off the top you’ve got Bluetooth 5.0 which
is pretty cool you’ve got dual Wireless which allows you to do you know mono
mode in each side which is great you’ve got HD voice they’re lightweight long
lasting battery necked two devices you get your charging
case you get up to four hours of playtime and we’ll talk about that here
in just a minute up to five hours of talk time when you’re using it for phone
calls exclusively you’ve got the built-in charging case which you can
also charge an additional device because it is a power bank and you’ve got the
built-in microphones so those are the specs off the digital off the cuff is
real straightforward basic stuff so now let me tell you a little bit about my
experience and what I think about these earbuds so first things first let me
just talk quickly about the battery life so four hours of battery life is what
they kind of expect that you should get I’m easily getting four hours of battery
life on these earbuds again I don’t you listen to them at a hundred percent
volume these guys do get pretty loud so I’ve listened to about 70% volume and
overall I’m seeing at least four five hours without much of a problem at all
the great thing is is that with that with that being said they have great
quality sound so I’m not sacrificing a lot when I go down to that lower volume
lower volume level to kind of extend that battery so overall battery life
I’ve been pretty happy the overall touch controls are very responsive I’ve been
very very happy about that they’re so responsive to a point where
I’ve actually kind of accidentally touched them so they could even be
potentially a little bit oversensitive but overall I’ve been very very pleased
with the touch capability of these guys the touch space on the outside is
actually pretty large it makes it very very nice that’s very easy to find I
find that some earbuds that have touch it’s such a very specific location where
you have to touch them overall I’ve had no real problems kind of finding that
without being able to see it so overall touch quality and touch responsiveness
very very solid so moving on from there sound quality sound quality on these
guys when you get the fit just right and we’ll talk about that in a second when
you get the fit right when you get that nice seal in your earbuds the sound
quality is fantastic nice deep bass great mids very well
represented highs overall sound quality is awesome I’m not gonna say it’s the
best but with everything as it comes out of the box once you find the earbuds
that kind of give you the best seal in your ear overall sound quality is very
very solid very happy with that as well so with the main
things those are the main things kind of out of the way overall very happy with
with the overall experience so far being able to charge my phone with the case
has been nice let me talk to you about a few things that I’m not too big of a fan
of with the case itself you know it’s a little on the bulky side and yes yes I
know it is a power bank right I can charge my phone for me personally I
don’t use that feature but if you are a person that travels a lot you know needs
that option and that ability just in case you did run out of battery life on
your device you can charge it it’s pretty nice for the average person on a
daily basis who wants something to kind of keep in their pocket you know that
kind of thing this is a little bit on the bulky side it’s it’s it’s about the
size and width of a credit card and and then pretty thick so size-wise not a
huge fan in that realm it would be great if maybe they had the same pair of
earbuds in a smaller option as well like here’s the one that’s got the battery
pack and then here’s the one that doesn’t have the battery pack and
they’re the same earbuds and everything else is the same you just can choose if
you want to have that power bank option but that’s just kind of a personal
preference thing sticking with the case just a little bit longer obviously
because it is a larger battery I would love to see USBC and potentially because
of the size even wireless charging might be something they could add to this but
definitely USBC to kind of be able to fill that battery as quickly as possible
the last thing though with the case that I’m not a huge fan of is that is the way
that it opens now it is a flip door but you have to there’s just a tiny little
knob right here that you have to kind of fit your fingernail under a little bit
to flip it open you know it’s it’s again kind of a personal preference kind of
thing it sometimes I just can’t quite get it really quickly and I and I fumble
a little bit I feel like and so maybe making that a little bit bigger so
moving on from there with the earbuds themselves the biggest thing the biggest
complaint that I have is the ear tip and this is a this is a tricky thing because
one you know when you have a Traer of true Brown earbuds the ear tip needs to
be able to be on the earbud and then that all be able to fit inside the case
now you can’t put very many other ear tips on these earbuds and have them
still fit in the case your stuck with this or something very
similar in size now the problem with these guys and I I had to go up to the
absolute largest size for it to get in my ear and even then it’s very hard for
me to kind of get a seal until I’ve gotten some practice now the first
indication the first inclination that you have is to just stick these in and
get them in as far as you possibly can and I actually realized that’s not
necessarily the best way to do it you kind of stick them in your ear and then
you kind of want to tip them back a little bit at the bottom so you don’t
want to slide the the the ear tip down in your ear you want the the the base
the most of your ear that’s gonna be filled as the top portion and you kind
of want these guys to sit really parallel with your head so I have to
kind of finagle them every time I put them in my ear to get that seal and for
me that’s the biggest hang-up and and because the rubber is so thin even when
I get that seal the noise isolation isn’t the best I can still hear a lot of
the noise from the outside I’m sure that I’m probably getting a little bit of
audio bleed but when I do get that seal in the audio quality is increased
greatly now what I personally did to kind of resolve that is I got another
pair I’ve got another tip from another pair of ear but there we go that is the
ear tip that I’m using right now on these guys and it fits really well and
you can see that it kind of recesses back in there and these by putting this
tip on there still allows it to fit in the case the thing is that it just gives
me a really solid seal I’ll get all that noise isolation and that ramps the
volume quality audio quality everything up to maximum and makes these guys a
really powerful pair of your buds that’s this was huge going from this little
rubberized ear tip that comes with it to finding a different one a third party
one that fit and still was able to fit in the case changed the game entirely on
these earbuds for me so if people are out there they’ve tried these they use
these they may have no problem I have really big ear holes it just didn’t work
out that great for me and for the most part but I found another way to make it
work and overall that solved it and maybe
see great pyramids so overall at the end of the day what do I think do I think
you should buy these because right now these guys are on sale on their website
on the create website link again as usual down in the description below
these guys come in at a hundred and one dollars you know in not including tax or
anything like that so they’re about $100 pair of earbuds and I think you know
what to be honest with you with the the power bank in the case the overall audio
quality when you get a good seal when you get that just right and you kind of
figure that out you get the touch controls you get an IP x7 rating so they
are waterproof you could listen to these guys I mean potentially in the shower so
for $100 pair of earbuds yeah I’d be comfortable saying that these are a
pretty good buy so you know that’s that’s basically it that’s my verdict
yes there are solid buy few things that I’m not a huge fan of but you know what
that’s not no products perfect right that’s kind of the way it goes so again
guys those are the create p1 sports hopefully this video was helpful for you
hopefully this helps you guys make a better tech buying decision if you have
any questions comments concerns you want to argue with me you want to give me
more tips you want to ask me questions you want more details about these guys
please let me know down in the comment section below
I love having conversations with you guys down there but as usual guys that
is it for me and I will see you in the next video

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