Connecting and Installing a Wireless HP LaserJet Pro Printer with a USB Cable | HP LaserJet | HP

This video shows how to connect and install an HP LaserJet Pro printer to a wireless network
with a USB cable. First, power on your printer. Disconnect any USB or network cables from your printer before setting up your wireless connection. From your computer, navigate to the driver
installation file that can be downloaded from Double-click the file to open the installer. During the installation, Windows might ask
you to confirm if you want to open the file or allow changes to your computer. Click Run, Continue, or Yes to continue the installation. The installation files extract. If prompted, click Yes. The installer launches. From the Software Selection screen, you can customize your software installation by clicking
Customize Software Selections. HP recommends you install all software to
get the most out of your HP printer. Click Next. On the Installation Agreements and Settings
screen, select the checkbox to agree to the terms, and then click Next. The installer prepares the software for installation. Click Next. Depending on your printer, a connection screen
might appear. Select Help me set up a first-time connection. Select Yes to connect the printer to the same
network as the computer you are using. Alternatively, you can select No to enter
the wireless settings manually. Click Next. Select No, help me configure my wireless
settings manually, and then click Next. Temporarily connect a USB cable from the printer
to your computer. The installer detects the printer and configures
the wireless settings. Confirm that the wireless settings are correct for your network and select Yes, Use settings
from the computer. Click Next to apply the wireless settings
to the printer. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer
and your computer. The printer software installs. The installation process might take several minutes. From the Product Configuration screen, select
your desired options, and then click Next. Web services enables and configures for your printer. Click Next. For faster service, more efficient support,
and product support alerts, register your printer with HP. Click Finish to complete the installation. Your printer is installed and ready for wireless printing. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

30 comments on “Connecting and Installing a Wireless HP LaserJet Pro Printer with a USB Cable | HP LaserJet | HP”

  1. Suzana Nikolovska says:

    can you make a video unboxing and setup for hp deskjet 3635 all in one printer plese

  2. MH WORLD says:

    would u please can suggest me that my printer driver says that cant found. how to solve this problem!

  3. J Anything says:

    I'm trying to explain to someone else how to setup this printer on a wireless network. We can't use the USB method. Why isn't this explained in any manuals?

  4. shaheed ratnani says:

    can 130 nw be installed on linux operatiing system

  5. All is Well says:

    Hi im using laserjet pro m12w. How to prevent other people on the same network to printing with my laserjet. Thanks

  6. Servicentro Abril says:

    HP need your atention!! I´m running a Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. But there is no way to install my HP M102W with this OS. How should I do with it? Thnx

  7. MY GADGET PUR says:

    My printer problem solved

  8. MY GADGET PUR says:


  9. Angel Ivanov says:

    Oh thank you I was trying to setup my printer until it is off.
    The power button manual brilliant !!

  10. Pär Nordqvist says:

    Can you install wifi in laserjet pro 400 color m451dn?

  11. Pakistan Zindabad says:

    It is the worst printer i ever had….I'm sick of it's settings… really really very bad printer it is

  12. Kayana1990 says:

    My installer doesn't launch after "Extracting"… Don't know what to do… Please help. HP Easy Start program doesn't see internet connetcion, althoug there is one perfectly working. I just ran out of options how to set this wireless connection. (I own HP LaserJet Pro M12w printer)

  13. someoneontheinternet says:

    thankkkk youuu soo much

  14. Kaitinkhum R Joute says:

    Those Printer(HP) comes with ethernet port is easy wirelessly but
    i'm using HP LaserJet Pro M1136
    USB connector, is there any way of wireless network connection?
    Like printer usb to router usb?
    i'm confused😀

  15. Asgar Azwad says:

    My M402d doesn't show the wireless options… Help?

  16. robins k chacko says:

    I have purchased HP Laserjet pro MFP M132snw & unable to connect to my Laptop or any other Computers through USB. Only Mobile printing works. Can anyone help me to install my new printer.

  17. Wonder Woman ke. says:


  18. EboyTvs says:

    Just bought this printer and that 3rd option for first time set up isnt there. Any suggestions?

  19. Andrei Ivașcu says:

    I have ho laserjet pro mpf m125nw
    I can do this?

  20. Sergio Chistyakov says:

    How to setup on MacBook Pro?I don't have USB port on it. its 2019 year

  21. Lilleman auf Larv says:

    I'm trying to setup the wireless on M254nw, but to my dismay I found it is not possible to simply connect to the access point and enter the password directly on the printer (WHY on earth is that not possible?). Now we only run Linux computers (Arch and Ubuntu), is it possible in some way to configure the wireless on this printer without buying an additional Windows or Mac computer?

  22. Entertainment Time says:

    great work

  23. ahmad osman says:

    we need the linke to download

  24. Amani Hussein says:

    Come on 😠😡 tell us from where to install the file…. Wr are not expertes

  25. mukesh paliwal says:

    Hp color laserjet pro 200 printer mfp m276n instolation 99% fatal error every sistem ples help me

  26. Tommy Le says:

    Hi, I have the CM1415fn model… and the touchscreen Control Panel does not show any Wireless Settings or Wizard.

    Tried to locate from driver installation on my MacBook, but it still can’t locate the Printer.

    Please help.

  27. HarryPotter GamingWorld says:

    I have HP laser jet pro CP1025nw
    Can I do the same?

  28. Carlos Mencey says:

    No show help me set up a first-time connection

  29. NextGenGenomics says:

    Why is the WIfi Key not printed on the label. Setting this up is a pain. Trash product/setup

  30. rim rous says:

    Hello sir, may I ask one question
    Can show why can not install HP Laser set Pro M227 on Window Server 2003 R2

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