50 comments on “Computer Science Unplugged – The Show”

  1. Ricky V says:

    i loved this video

  2. webguy943 says:

    when i was 12 i didnt kno any of this. these sure r smart kids. but all i kno is, if i was 12 and in there, id be getting tired. too much thinking involved in their presentation. just let them relax and enjoy.

  3. Chris Hitzel says:

    Haha, nice one.

  4. Jeremi 6 says:

    Wow! I wish this was a class in elementary school!

  5. Bashnutter says:

    very interesting for me… i started computer science at college two months ago… kids are bright nowadays!

  6. Amp says:

    would physics or chemistry maths or electronics at college level be enough to learn this course

  7. San says:

    very nice " trick" he is thinking in binary. love the vid

  8. UC Computer Science Education says:

    @TheVerySpecialThommy The music was written for the video (Orange Studio who made the video also do music)

  9. Ralph Caraveo says:

    I thought this was about computer science not Flight of the Concords

  10. Brian Hoenig says:

    there are 10 TYPES of people in the world.

  11. SaculHsoj says:

    This is great. Great video and great way to educate kids in a fun and engaging way.

  12. Andrew Dufilie says:

    The volunteers frequently appear back in the audience while they are still up. =)

  13. Ciaran Gallagher says:

    I'm 21 years old and I am studying to be a software developer. I only learnt how to do what is being done in the video two years ago 🙁

  14. yesthatguyz says:

    @balaholicVC15 :

    What about the 3rd kind of person? Sadly, "10" in binary is generally equivalent to 3….

  15. Tom Hartley says:

    @yesthatguyz No, 11 is 3. 0 is 0, 1 is 1, 10 is 2, 11 is 3, 100 is 4, etc.

  16. friedkangaroo says:

    Kiwi's always doing things the wrong way.

  17. Younity says:

    I wish I had this when I was a kid. This group of kids are the luckiest sons of.. ever. Honestly, this is probably the best education a kid could get if he wants to have a job when he grows up.

  18. Younity says:

    I wish I had this when I was a kid. This group of kids are the luckiest sons of.. ever. Honestly, this is probably the best education a kid could get if he wants to have a job when he/she grows up.

  19. iss says:

    @yesthatguyz 10 in binary is 2.

  20. source707 says:

    The accent wrecks my head…


  21. Ryan Ashcroft says:

    excellent. If I learnt these simple concepts in A-Level Computer Science before starting the course I would have been able to digest the subject more easily.

  22. msilveirabr says:

    Fantastic work! CONGRATULATIONS! Computer science made easy like this will surely get children's attention!

  23. Ahmad Shehab says:

    Nice Work

  24. Ahmad Shehab says:

    We inspired by the idea and implemented it at our faculty !
    check this: v=iSMOITgehxE

  25. TV 2 FILM says:

    after i watched this video, my insight is very open because the video is very good to give information This video shows an entertaining way to introduce Computer Science to school students

  26. barbwallis1 says:

    Delightful! I learned a lot!

  27. LcDog316 says:

    I am a computer scientist, if I ever had this kind of introduction to CS when I was a kid, I would've instantly known that CS is what I wanted to study in college.

  28. Janez Demsar says:

    I don't get it: you say you study computer science and you really didn't realize that he added parity bits to the last row/column?

    If and when you become computer scientist, you'll understand that computer science is about principles, not about using computers. That's what the "CS Unplugged" project is about. Check these guys' web site: it's a great resource for teachers in elementary schools and its aim is to move CS in schools beyond teaching how to use Word and write emails.

  29. psychostew911 says:

    Very cool!

  30. jaycob smith says:

    /watch?v=FfZTjRqmICA&feature=colike = workin fb hack

  31. nonstop says:

    The example at 56 minutes fails because there is now way to know if it really was cathlyn who put on a new lock and sent it back. It could have been someone in between.

  32. UC Computer Science Education says:

    Yup, it's vulnerable to a classic man-in-the-middle attack. Sometimes students come up with this, which is great as the goal is to get them thinking about CS.

  33. JGsk8s says:

    13:45 Subi in the background

  34. TheOfficialSexGod says:

    you should have said "10 types of people" dumb shit

  35. TheOfficialSexGod says:


  36. thehALomolov2 says:

    trying to choose a major this late in the year?

  37. Jemmeh says:

    I'm an INTERNET FAIRY. 😀

  38. Gisselle Lopez says:

    Completely agree man I've been working straight out of high school but now I want a career. But hey at least your 20 and not 30 go for it dude 🙂

  39. Dejan Vogrin says:

    Demšar brought me here! lol

  40. Carnage says:

    WTF how does a 12 yr old know what binary code is 0.01!!!!!!!

  41. Yann Bane says:

    F-factorizing prime numbers?

  42. panpog1 says:

    what hapened to unicode

  43. Thai-rone says:

    because Binary code is easy to learn

  44. Alimber Rios says:

    I am entering computer science in a year. This video is very informative. Great vid guys!

  45. GrandSl amDunk says:

    smart kids

  46. Patrick Hamilton says:

    cos your shit

  47. Anney Mouse says:

    how did you make the super fun mat?!  thanks for the video by the way, brilliant!

  48. exwhyz33 says:

    This type of program should be compulsory in Year 7.

  49. Евана Лара says:

    The guy in the red is really distracting, other than that this is a very educational video.

  50. yj k says:

    재밌는 수업 나도 받구싶다
    잘 봤습니다!

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