Computer Science Essentials for Software Development Professional Certificate | PennX on edX

Murphy, and I’m a faculty member here at Penn Engineering. I worked as a professional Software
Developer, before joining Penn, and found it to be a challenging
and rewarding field that will surely have a positive impact on the world. Within the next few years, there
should be over a million software developers in the United States
alone, and many more times that around the world. I’m so excited to give you the
opportunity to be one of them. Although people often think of software
development merely as writing code, it’s actually a collaborative
problem-solving activity, in which programming is
just part of the process. In this series, you will prepare
for a career as a software developer by learning how to design, implement,
and improve high quality software. Penn Engineering is home
to ENIAC the world’s first electronic general purpose
computer, built right here in this room, in the 1940s. Now, we are proud to continue
the tradition of innovation in interdisciplinary research
by offering this series on CS Essentials for Software Development.

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