Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University

A Hopkins Engineer is not a single thing.
It gives you the ability to be who you are as an engineer and also as a creative person,
in fact. The kind of research that happens spans from systems to programming languages
on one side, which is called computer science, and at the same time there’s a lot of robotics,
computational medicine, machine learning. The Department of Computer Science is well
known for its research excellence and the translation of theory to practice guides a
lot of the work we do. Within the department, everyone has a different research focus but
we all have the common language through computer science. And across the whole Hopkins environment
we can draw on collaborators ranging from our friends in applied math and statistics,
from biomedical engineering, from physics, from all these different disciplines coming
together to solve problems. We have a lot of overlap between departments, especially
with mechanical engineering and ECE and also obviously with Hopkins being very focused
in medicine. Getting a chance to work with a surgeon, getting able to actually see with
my own eyes exactly how their workflow works and getting a chance to then design solutions
based on that. We work with leading edge doctors on real-world problems and so advancing computer
science is great, but when you get to do it within an application area that impacts the
real world like medicine, it even is better I think. We have really strong groups within
the department. They provide a lot of classroom learning experiences, but also a lot of mentoring
for each other. We all have the same shared, connected drive and passion, I think, and
it really shines through the work we do. My first time being involved with HopHacks was
my freshman year, first semester. I was a participant and teamed up with a friend and
we actually got second place. And through that it’s become my main extracurricular activity,
so right now I’m currently directing HopHacks. I basically oversee all of the different parts,
getting food, getting workshops, getting sponsors. If someone was thinking about Hopkins CS,
I would tell them that you’re going to get an education that is one of the best in the
world. I would say that your job prospects are going to be pretty good because you’re
going to know a whole lot of computer science. I am a Hopkins Engineer.

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