Computer Science at Cambridge

One of the things that is really unique, and special about computer sciences degree in Cambridge, is that you’re going to be taught by cutting-edge world leaders in their own fields, who are really excited about their work. The course at Cambridge involves pretty much anything you can think of, to do with computers and technology. From really foundationally theoretical material on automation and mathematics at one extreme, to intense final year projects at the other. I’ve always been fascinated by the way that computers can solve problems, both for myself and for other people, and that’s really interesting to me. So, it seemed like a natural thing to study when I went to university. I’ve always enjoyed doing logic puzzles, small challenges, and also wanted to learn everything that I could about computers. Which I think computer science embodies perfectly. But also, I wanted to be in a really good, challenging environment. Which Cambridge offers, and having all of these brilliant minds around me. Computer science at Cambridge seemed just the right course. Our course is structured so that we teach the students, the theoretical background that underpins the principles of computer sciences. But also with the hands on experience of putting that theoritical knowledge into practice. My favorite experience from the course so far, has been the group project, in my second year. In which I worked with a group of people, to produce a piece of software for a company. I got to present the project to all the other students, and the people from all the companies, and it was really exciting. The employability prospects for our graduates are really first rate. They’re also in a very entrepreneurial place, so lots of our graduates, go on to found their own companies, and start-ups. One thing that we found out when we start studying computer sciences, is that this is a subject that opens up so many different doors. We can work in many different fields, doing many different things. What I would like to do is go on and work for a software company. And maybe with that, learn some skills of my own, so I can start my own in the future. And solve problems my own way. By applying for masters, and then going on to do research, either here at a computer lab, or in industrial research, I feel I’ll be able to make a contribution in the field of computer sciences. Fundamentally, computer science, ends up being about solving really hard problems, in the best possible way. So, if there’s one key thing that you can come away from the Cambridge degree in computer science with, it’s been a really, really good problem solver. We are genuinely interested in people who are self motivated, and passionate about technology. If you’re curious, then come to us. And we will teach you the theoretical and the practical ways, of how you can build systems that are going to make our world a better place.

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