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computer forensic specialists digital
forensics is the scientific process of computer forensic specialists digital
forensics is the scientific process of in a forensically sound manner obtaining
in preserving evidence without altering it in order to identify preserve recover analyze and present
evidence usually in a court of law ninety percent
of world’s information is stored digitally at TexMex forensics limited we
understand your digital forensics needs our digital forensics experts are able
to analyze your forensics needs and propose for you
a cost-effective solution the flexibility of our digital forensics
services means that we are able to take up your forensics with minimal or no disruption at all to
your business operations we are up front in our approach we do
not charge you for the initial console to Shin we use the most advanced
replication technologies with right block capability T to replicate H DD’s mobile phones and USB memory sticks for forensics analysis our remote
computer forensics service provides companies and
government with leave rapid concurrent efficient and
centralized forensics investigation and the fraction of the traditional methods at TexMex forensics limited we also
deployed the use of advanced digital forensics intelligence analysis tools
like geo time celebrate used mobile phone analyzer and
Stephen analyzer instinct analyzer to help investigating
officers make quick sense have complex criminal in stagnation Slyke money
laundering terrorism and drugs gangs click the link
below to visit our website for more information computer forensic specialists our
digital forensics team are able to analyze your requirements
and design for you a solution that meets your digital forensics needs
on budget and on time without delay

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