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To experience the perfect union between human and technology simply put all the neural Hello we’re like totally lounging here I Can be so clumsy one another by the way do you know how much the recycling center pays per bottle? It’s all cool. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation. Why alex is acting like a total wacko right Alex? I’m sorry guys. It’s just that I need some cash bad after my parents left on vacation I kind of ran out what about your allowance? girls got needs new mega grip rock climbing shoes 3d boy and new trading cards and Candles these days Color Me obvious, but what about getting a job no not an option Job would mean a boss and you know I don’t do well with boxes That’s a major understatement, yeah And chicken Haha very funny was that your one joke of the year Terry girl your mission will be to infiltrate an evil chicken farm Just kidding actually a number of people have been disappearing You mean a number of nerdy people? Oh boy you? Check it out, I cross-referenced their means and it turns out that they were all logged in at the same cyber cafe good work Sam you can start there Now You will be equipped with implement motion detector sunglasses faux snakeskin suction boots And an electro hair net don’t wear this through sour you’ll get quite a shock Gladys, I thought we had to talk about this we do Jerry. I just decided to ignore you Any object super powerful a hair curler Whoa, it’s empty I guess this place is too Iggy even for gigs. Yeah, we won’t need our disguises after all Ah looks like a pretty normal cyber cafe to me. Let’s take a look around Find anything not yet, just poking around through some files trying to see who use this uh machine last Password oh please I’ll show you a password That’ll teach you to keep your tentacles to yourself Jerry you’ll want to take a look at this Whoa I have to get going. I only get an hour break before I have to be back in that stupid kicking suit Well I’d like to know what that spider thing was trying to do talk about creepy I wouldn’t be surprised if it was linked to those disappearances somehow Cajun chicken blends the great taste of chicken now and a drink There’s something You’ve done something different with your hair Hmm could it be that you’re wearing a pathetic Still sorry let’s nun you today like shootin fish in a barrel Charity you know Here’s a coupon for a free no mistake If you mess up a one more time yeah Means is that she can’t think of anything she like better than keeping away word Girls at the ball, I see quelle suprise I’m sorry the Museum of Ancient Fordham was closed today in any case the analysis of that spider device is complete It’s some kind of neural interface device Designed to form a link between the human brain at a computer do we know where it came from? It bears the manufacturing mark of Tetsuo industries of Japan the owner Tatsu Takara is known as a genius Electronics designer hey, I think that guy designed one of my favorite video games turbo ninja monkey attack Get this if you cross-reference Tetsuo name with the real estate database you discover that Tetsuo owns that cyber cafe in vancouver Looks like you’re off to japan sayonara Look at the armed guards searchlight this place is a fortress Okay, well we can’t get in like this we need to disguise This is a computer factory right so we need to dress like total nerds This is way nerdy even by my standards, let’s do it Whoa When did eat get so I’m geeky yeah Those guys look almost cool hello, they’re still geeks remember we just need a quick Come on Strange my home. I just end like that Mina mom hi Identification verified I think we need another way over here Haven’t these people ever heard of dusting We found our nerds There to honor their newest Bobby There’s depth zero That neural interface lets them control these people, but the real question is what they make those Technos Ami’s built I don’t want to be a party pooper, but we’re not exactly welcome here taken let’s go You got buddy Oh Thanks, Sam you’re a pal. Oh, this is becoming a painful habit wait where’s clover Whew come on who knows what they’re doing to clover Come on Where’s clover and where did all the zombie nerds go it’s not like they have dates or anything. This is weird Okay, this is way past weird. This is officially bizarro Wow What did they do to clover? I’ll close this is getting out of hand time to call in some backup It’s for the best Alex becoming one with the computer collective is so liberating I’ll make sense now Doing that resistance is a waste of time zombies fan if they’re working out Did you really think you could out thinking a computer What are you trying to do corn is a geek? Slavery market each of us has a brain that operates much like a computer hard drive and processor, and it’s wasted on fashion gossip watching TV Hello, what else are we supposed to use our brains for with this data virus I can turn you into a data terminal A node in my grandma Network, you’re not just a geek. You’re a total jerk each my device Broadcasts the virus on every satellite radio and TV station every cell tower. No one will escape What’s even you? Why do they always trying to resist Join us we need your brain, that’s the first All right plan play and me to plan the gadget. Oh, that’s what I need powder. No, no little bit smells I do need a touch-up Magnetron What happened damn are you okay? Oh yeah back? You must have returned to normal when you bonked your head on that sign Of course it’s the magnetron computers are super senses Only one way to find out Me too, let’s shut this party down Hello well that was strange I Feel like it just rode this spinebuster a hundred times excuse me righties, but can anybody tell me What is going on you don’t remember these spiders the zombies Nothing the last thing I remember is coming across a Powerful new virus when I was surfing the web we better get whooped to hunt down that virus before this happens all over again No doubt I’ve had my fill of battling techno geeks no Just drag and drop the file into the new folder and there you go your own website Wow Like I never thought it would be this. Oh, hey. We’re sorry you got fired from your job in the mall Alex Uh chicks like you deserves better Yeah, we know you were an egg dissection employee who cares this new tutoring job is way better After our last mission. I’m practically a computer expert, and the best part is I’m in charge. There’s no BOTS telling me I’m late or to stop gossiping because I’m the boss Alex why would you no problemo? You know it might not be too late to get your chicken suit back come on look at your feathers ruffled Okay, so maybe clover was right, and I’m a total nerd bilingual in geek speek, but hello video games rock It’s one thing to kick bad guys butts in real life But twice gave you the troggs on level 10 in turbo ninja munkee attack when you fired off your last mer It’s like total core voltage to the back, and if you don’t have at least seven lightning bolts earn over You

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  1. Jong Rihyon says:

    i wish there will be more of these videos

  2. Kakada Kheav says:

    I love this cartoon so much

  3. Scott grimmie says:

    G.L.A.D.I.S: we did Jerry I just decided to ignore you
    Jerry*head goes down in fear *

  4. Harrison Peloso says:

    i love this show

  5. At least I think I'm funny says:

    i have never seen this one :/

  6. sackchief says:

    This show is amazing lol.

  7. Anantika Malhotra says:

    Make more new vids

  8. Emelyn Trisha says:

    i love totally spies

  9. Eian Richardson says:

    I sympathize Alex! Prevail✊

  10. Eian Richardson says:

    Funny how Sinclair from Living Single had a job of similar nature.😌

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  12. Evil Genius says:


  13. Casey Novem says:

    I wish I could be like a spies

  14. Mr TV says:

    Will Season 7? If not, why?

  15. DreamImpossibleThings says:

    Honestly, thank you for uploading these

  16. Nassari Hyman says:

    They not getting paid to be spies? They doing all that work for free? Hell nah not me

  17. kenya rose94 says:


  18. Joanna Germaine says:

    You mean they don't get paid as spies?!

  19. Lovely Girl says:


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  21. Narmada Alyz Ariel says:

    I want new vedio

  22. Andrea Umba says:

    What team are you? TeamSam TeamAlex or TeamClover

  23. Vasathakumar M says:

    Cn u upload ths in malayalam channel

  24. Mariam Alnoumas says:

    totally spies! 💕💕💕

  25. Khadija Abdillahi says:

    i like alex who do you like ?🙂

  26. Storytelling01 says:

    Interesting how these videos are being uploaded now…

  27. ᗪᎪᏃᎪᏐ ᷤ ᷪ ᷡ ᷮ ᷧ ᷝ says:

    Is this anime?

  28. Emma Adison says:

    Look on the bright side Alex at least you’re costume is yellow like you’re spy outfit and I think it’s you’re fav color

  29. Matthew Waskie says:

    13:19 we all just gonna ignore the fact the Alex kick a kids head so hard that she basically snap his neck

  30. wolfguy23 says:

    13:18 WHOA, that was dark. O.o;

  31. Diamond Comrade says:

    4:58 So let me get this straight… WOOHP , a super secret organization filled with advance technologies, top notch information systems and fancy gadgets are able to identify the missing people, but only Sam's Com-powder capable of communication, analysis, and recording was able to trace and cross-reference the missing people??? Aight fam. Continue.

    EdiT: Another thing! Alex was in a financial crisis but she is an international super spy??? I know the thing they get in return is world peace but don't give me that world peace bs if I don't get paid for risking my life saving unaware and ungrateful people.

  32. Paige Geer says:

    This is my fav show to watch when I get bored… my fav one is sam tho, she is so smart…

  33. SimplySarah says:

    Gladis is savage af 😂 “we did I just decided to ignore you” 🤣

  34. Nextgener says:

    We are the Borg.

  35. Karrecod says:

    This one was good! But who released the virus if it wasn’t that nerdy guy? The real bad guy never got caught!

  36. Joshy Kuruvath says:

    Alex the chicken

  37. Joshy Kuruvath says:

    I love this episode……..

  38. Joshy Kuruvath says:

    My favourite is Sam…..

  39. Joshy Kuruvath says:

    Beginning and ending is funny…

  40. Daxskie Hojilla says:

    I like totaly spies

  41. Brayan Diego Ricra Jesús says:

    Español Latino por favor

  42. AngeliqueNade says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong but from their website loooong ago, isn't it said that Alex is extremely afraid of chickens?

  43. Jamal Dejesus says:

    7:02, They made a sci-fi reference,
    7:09, Hey Clover at least you know your attractive to even facehuggers, luckily it was just computerized robot, and not a real one, or else clover would have been added to the list of sci-fi Female victims of the facehuggers 😎

  44. A cigarette says:

    This episode sort of reminded me of serial experiments lain, even though it has nothing to do with each other

  45. sᴏᴘʏᴀᴀᴀ ᴠʟᴏɢs says:

    3:22 the board on the mall has different photo

  46. Army only says:

    Any Armys here?

  47. Suki Plays says:

    3:03 lol

  48. Suki Plays says:


  49. Sidney Black says:

    Why not splash a little bit of water on the main system? Doesn't that always work with tech?
    Water is a wire's weakness.

  50. Louie Carlo says:

    Wat is clover gonna drink? Plz reply 2:03

  51. Darryl Fernandes says:

    Why dose Sam always croosrefrence the name,s

  52. Babu Suzuki says:

    episode after episode alex just get dumber

  53. Nickieness says:

    Uhm, do they not get paid to be international super spies? -.-

  54. Nae Slayer says:

    Wait?! They don’t get paid from being a spy!

  55. Yasuhiro says:

    So, I'm pretty sure the girls' parents own the house and that there is no rent to be paid, judging by how their mothers had the right to be selling their house in Totally Busted. Imagine how much Alex had spent if she spent all her allowance money plus her WOOHP salary that she needed to get a minimum wage job for cash.

  56. kanna231 says:

    Did anybody notice of Alien refernces?

  57. depressed cockroach says:

    is that Gendo Ikari

  58. 05akhira says:

    I hate the way alex is acting like a dumb. Super annoying 🙄

  59. Salah Al-Zadjali says:

    Totally Nice Bird.

  60. Ferka Faxriddinovna says:

    Sam, alex and clover my all time favourites

  61. Caitlyn says:

    The villains voice is so racist smh

  62. Marzieh Nejati says:

    Who goes to hollybrook infant school

  63. Rylie Clothier says:

    So, WOOHP has them risk their lives on world affecting missions and doesn't even pay them.

  64. Twisted Fate says:

    The person who created the virus never got caught! Holy frick!

  65. Valerie Brown says:

    15:30–15:43 reminded me of the Netflix film "Bird Box". 🐦📦

  66. Zaria Roberts says:

    Doesn’t WOOP pay these girls! How did alex even run out of money with the salary WOOP should be funneling to them😭

  67. KH Attire says:

    This episode scared me almost to death when I was younger

  68. Jianna VS says:

    Maybe the money they get are like… future investments. They'll be set for life but can't touch it until they're retired?

  69. Jianna VS says:

    Matrix, much? 😂

  70. Samuel Chege says:

    Its like in every episode clover is turned against the spies

  71. Reva Clay says:

    3:39 one of them guys laugh like a woman

  72. kent 2 says:

    tetsuo nomura

  73. Anonymous says:

    I kinda feel weird. I m 21 and I still enjoy watching this show. This show brings back so many memories though 🙂

  74. Abigail Waters says:


  75. Adna Abdikassim says:

    I love this

  76. Austin Morrison says:

    Wait so then who created that virus?!

  77. Dead Rose says:

    I wonder why they changed the Jerry actor he’s different since season three. I miss the original Jerry.

  78. Paul Borri says:

    If those jobs were not good, why didn't Alex go for babysitting or something?

  79. Nagito Kano says:

    What if they did get paid for the spy job and Alex somehow managed to spend all of the money plus her allowance….

  80. Juliann Allann says:

    I've always wanted their compact powder container thing

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    Why doesn't whoop pay them for the work they do. They legit risk their lives on a normal basis

  82. HiiighAsAKite says:

    2:43 "Rock-climbing shoes"?

  83. HiiighAsAKite says:

    Headcrab: Apply directly to the forehead

  84. Joseph Denby says:

    2:56 Me: Wait what? Why

  85. Joseph Denby says:

    7:29 Me: It’s the Blue screen of death for you!

  86. Joseph Denby says:

    12:02 Gesundheit

  87. Joseph Denby says:

    12:49 Me: Uh Oh!

  88. 10RexTheWolf01 says:

    To think Clover is more financially responsible than Alex

  89. Savanna Blankenship says:

    15:40 Being one with an evil computer?! How creepy.

  90. Riamie Bonifacio says:

    Is that Mandy? 4:14

  91. Hybrid Tamer says:

    Look like you been crashed hard

  92. Hybrid Tamer says:

    what kind of computer virus causes this much trouble?

  93. Watchman blows the horn says:

    15:54 to 15:56 Sam sounds like Google XD

  94. prowlandsasuke says:

    I like how the bad guy just let Sam plug something in.

  95. Sara Liefke says:

    oh no… I'm starting to think like a comput–10000010111001010110000111100111

  96. John A Steadman, III says:

    How big are these girls allowances by alex POV she was getting paid thousands by her mom

  97. mylenehime says:

    why being a gamer is a nerd and a geek? i kinda see gamers as cool though lol. and yep, for the comments, WOOHP doesn't pay the girls being a spy. Sam said in the previous season that they don't gey paid and saving the world is their "payment" haha lol. totally unacceptable kinda thing

  98. Shnaga Shnaga says:

    Computers are 0’s and 1’s not 7’s 3’s and I think I saw 6’s.

  99. Alijah Barron says:

    Alex is doing this happy go Luckiness on purpose🤬🥴😁💚❤️💛👩🏻‍🦰👱🏼‍♀️👩🏽‍🦱

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