Computer Basics: Understanding Operating Systems

Did you know that you and your computer speak
different languages? It doesn’t speak Spanish, or Swedish, or Chinese; it speaks in ones
and zeroes. You can’t communicate directly with your computer; that’s where your operating
system comes in. The operating system is the program that lets you interact with your
computer. Together, the operating system and computer hardware form a complete system that
determines what your computer can do. There are many different operating systems. Two
of the most common ones are Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Windows comes preloaded on most
personal computers; Mac OS X runs on all new Macs. Operating Systems aren’t just for
computers and laptops, though. Mobile devices run mobile operating systems like Apple iOS
or Google Android. Operating systems for mobile devices are designed for interactions with
smaller touch-screens. Before downloading new software, or applications, to your computer
or mobile device, you should check to see if the application is compatible with your
operating system. Some applications work on all operating systems, but others only work
on certain ones. So, get to know your operating system to see how it works and what it can

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    Many of our users are beginner technology users and as such, probably wouldn't use Linux or FreeBSD. I hope you find tutorials here on YouTube to answer your questions about these operating systems.

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    It's a bit wrong. An Operative System is mostly a set of instruction to the computer, this OS also lets the user interact with the computer due to developers who simplified the use and instead of talking to our computer like robots and input information like: "Print(2 + 2)" we get to just select those values and thanks to Xerox who came with the GUI (Not Apple) computers are so easy to use, understand and have fun.

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