Coding for Kids 1: What is Computer Coding?

Computer Coding for Kids: What is a computer
program? A computer program is a set of instructions
that a computer follows to complete a task. ‘Coding’, or ‘programming’ means writing the
step-by-step instructions that tell the computer what to do We are surrounded by computer
programs. Many of the devices and gadgets we use each day are controlled by them. These
machines all follow step-by-step instructions written by a computer programmer. Cell Phones. Programs allow you to make a phone call or send text messages. When you search for a
contact, a program finds the correct phone number. Computer software. Everything a computer
does, from browsing the Internet to writing documents or playing music, works because
of code written by a computer programmer. Games. Consoles are just another type of computer,
and all the games that run on them are programs. All the graphics, sounds, and controls are
written in computer code. Washing machines. Washing machines are programmed to follow
different cycles. Computer code controls how hot the water is and how long the wash takes. Cars In some cars computer programs monitor the speed, temperature, and amount of fuel in the tank. Computer programs can even help control the brakes to keep people safe.

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    Whenever I hear someone say "Coding" or "Programming" I die a little inside

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    Thanks for this vid! I used a definition from this for my project for school!

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    Very nice learning article. Thanks for sharing

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    Very informative video about the basics of coding. I am 10 years old and I am learning programming using javascript. This video is very helpful.

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    Roblox Kids trying to learn how to make an exploit, learn how to Reverse Engineer first.

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