Characteristics of Transducers – Transducers and Sensors – Electronic Instrumentation & Measurement

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    Your explanation is very good

  2. Arun Singh says:

    Recorders device ka video upload kariye

  3. Manish Ranjan says:

    a temperature sensitive transducer experience a sudden change in temperature . it takes 20 second for the transducer to reach steady state .Assuming the device to be a first order linear system. calculate the time it took the transducer to read half of the temperature . Plz solve this question

  4. Ajay Dhabai says:

    Compacted form of information 👌👍👍

  5. World's Random Entertainment says:

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  6. Meena Sen says:

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  7. M R says:

    How to differ transducer and transmitter ???

  8. sanjaykumar badatya says:

    Hello mam I know English but app hindi bolonge bahuta achha rehaga English boliya kuchhu problem Nehi he magar jo app bolorhe hindi bolodenge bahuta achha rehega plece mam

  9. Shubham Jangle says:

    Output impedance should be high to avoid loading effect
    Then why output impedance ideally should be zero?

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  11. vikas gautam says:

    Very esilly understand
    Thanks mam

  12. Pooja S says:

    Mam plz reply ideally output impedance is zero…, When loading effect is neglected when it is infinity??????

  13. ruby gautam says:

    Mam transducer k Sare video invisible h

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