CAREERS IN ELECTRICAL & TELE COMMUNICATION– B.Tech Engineering,Telecom,Networking,Salary Package

Hello All..This is Manju from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in B.Tech Electrical and Telecommunication Most people believe in the misconception that
electrical engineering requires you to study electricity. But to your surprise, the subject
offers way more than just the obvious. Yes, the field is wide and is accompanied with
several disciplines. Jobs in this field are mostly related to developing of electrical
systems in buildings, in vehicles, in creating perfect control systems for airplanes and
space shuttles. Tele communication engineers on the other hand tend to work with designers,
managers and architects. It is their responsibility to handle the requirements of recently emerged
towers and buildings. Sometimes the work gets too demanding and they need to work as long
as 40 hours per week in order to reach the goals. In order to ordain success in the field of electrical engineering, it is important to
study in a decent institution for a period of four years. If it isnt possible to study
electrical engineering directly, you can take up a course in mathematics, physics or chemistry.
Students should also be able to be fluent when it comes to speaking English or handling
public speaking. This would however be a general course. But if you would like to take it to
a professional level, you must make a four year commitment towards the subject. Same
goes for telecommunication. There are other cooperative programs you may try in order
to gain more experience. The more you know about the field, the better your job will
be. Plus you will be paid more than others if you have a strong idea on what you are
doing. There are several pros that come with studying
electrical engineering and telecommunication. Firstly, it will become very easy for you
to get hold of a job. Since you will be fresh in the field, several companies will be willing
to hire you. Secondly, you may explore different countries while working as an electrical engineer.
There are hundreds of international companies all over the globe looking for intellectual
and smart engineers to work with them. Third, you will be able to improve your computer
skills here. This is because as an engineer you will have to put with up with problems
relating to computers and that will ultimately boost your skills over time. On top of that,
your job will never get boring since the job expects you to modify and create new things
on a regular basis. Just remember to follow a few simple instructions before a project
is handed over to you. To study electrical engineering and telecommunication
as an undergraduate course, you must apply to some of the best institutions of the country.
Some of them include: • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Bombay and Kharagpur • National Institute of Technology
• Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology
• Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science These institutions are popular and well known
among most engineers. However, you can always learn more about the field by logging on to All doubts and queries shall be solve right on this page we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button

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    what are courses can be done after doing electrical and electronics engineering

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    Here is the Link for detailed information about Electrical and Electronics Engineering,for more details about Engineering Branches,Jobs,Govt Job openings Log on to

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    sir I have done 2 year ITI course after 10 in electrician and 1 year apprentice in MCA company,now wot Shud I do for better carrier, will doing diploma from recognized University will be beneficial or doing diploma apprentice(3 yrs course) frm b.e.s.t(Bombay electric supply and transport) will be beneficial?? doing diploma apprentice from b.e.s.t will be consider as same as diploma from Maharashtra full time professional diploma course ? plz help Me

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    I complete my mca from ignou . can i apply for telecommunication tech & mgmt. from iit delhi.

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