Career Paths for Computer Science Majors

The good thing about computer science is there’s plethora of job opportunities that come with a degree. The bad thing about computer science is there’s plethora of job opportunities that come with a degree. !!! XD What’s up guys, Forrest here ~ and today we’re going to be talking about carreer paths for computer science students as I finished up my senior year of my computer science degree, I’ve been applying to jobs, and luckily about a year or two ago I really chose my emphasis within computer science because I remember four years ago or so, entering into this industry that I had no idea about. Growing up, I worked on farms (hog farms) or doing landscaping or just a bunch of blue collar work so when it came to something like computer science I had no idea how large the industry was in the sense of how many different opportunities that it would present you I mean coming into computer science I knew that I wanted to be able to develop applications for myself for clients or for whatever company hires me but then as I learned a little bit more and more about computer science I’m like: Oh do I want to be a hacker? Everyone wants to be a hacker You know? Whether you’re just playing video games or whether you’re doing something even crazier, it would be cool to be able to hack. Or maybe, software development really isn’t you’re thing, but you want to be in, you know you want to get your computer science degree if you want to take it to the next level you can do research in computer theory, or if you don’t want to take it to the next level you can do IT work, networks, and things of that nature. There’s so many things that you can do with your computer science degree that in this video I’m just gonna kind of lay out the career paths for computer science and applying what emphasis within your degree program that you should choose, now keep in mind that it depends on what college you go to for what emphasis they offer so for some they actually offer a whole software development degree for others they offer a whole information technology degree. Which my school offers an information technology degree, but of course I chose computer science. That interested me more I’m not really into the whole going into an IT department messing with networking, and things of that nature. It’s not my thing. So in order for you to get the most out of it think about what school you’re going to or that you plan to attend, by school I mean university, college, whatever, go to their website find their computer science program and look at what they offer within that. My school offers, you know, web programming, cyber security, networking, and whatever else. I’m staying within the web programming game development type area of my computer science degree program. And of course, I must add, I do iOS development on my own. Because to be honest with you, most universities don’t offer an iOS development emphasis or course at all. The closest I’ve gotten to it, is developing for android, which as you probably saw on my channel, I’m in that course right now. Before I really get into it I just want you to know that I’m not going to go into full detail about every single career path that I mentioned and I’m not going to mention every single last career path because like I said, there are a lot. I’m just trying to make this list for you to plant a seed in your head and and give you a little bit of back information to see if that’s for you and then you can do more research on your own. And with that being said, let’s get into number one. And that would be a Java or C++ Developer, because most universities choose Java or C++ some actually choose C or some other languages as as the base language for their computer science program Because keep in mind when you go into a computer science degree you probably have like twenty base computer science courses that you have to learn in order to satisfy the degree requirements. Many of those are, computer theory, computer architecture, computer science math type courses. As well as programming. And universities will stick to one, maybe two languages so you can excel at that language and you can use your knowledge of learning that language, and of that language, weather it has classes and you learn arrays and you learn strings, variables, and constants, and just whatever else in order to actually teach you programming. So coming out of your computer science degree you should be able to create one of these applications and you should be able to jump into a team of Java developers or C++ developers. And keep in mind, don’t be scared, employers understand that you’re a new graduate you are new to the work force and you have to have maybe a little bit longer of a period to adjust to that work force. You know Google or Facebook or one of those companies may not be so lenient, but most companies will. So that’s number one. That’s the base out of the way. Number two, obviously this is going to be number two because it’s my favorite is mobile app developments. Now, until this semester my degree program didn’t even offer mobile development. They said they did, but over the past two years or three years even, they never offered this class once. Until this semester. And that is Android development, now two years ago I began my own journey learning online iOS development that’s kind of what this channel has been a lot about and those are the two main ways you can go about mobile development: Android development, as well as iOS development. Now, you can be a React Native or a Xamarin developer where those softwares allow you to write one chunk of code and it goes cross platform to the web, to Android, as well as iOS. Instead of creating something for web, and then something for Android, and then something for iOS. But there aren’t as many job opportunities for a “Xamarin” or a “React Native” developer as there is for an Android developer and an iOS developer. So that’s something to keep in mind. And number three, just mentioned, Web development.

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    what ? node JS for back end.

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    Lots of companies want react tbh

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    Jim Carrey

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    I want to create games but I’m not a big fan of animations

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    Nice I’m a tree trimmer, going to school for computer science can’t wait to start working in this field

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    Data Science as well.

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    Thanks for the info. With all the different ways that the computer science degree can go, your videos are very reassuring and informative. Keep it up!

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    Low latency programming , embedded system programming , data science , something to look into ,

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    It's better to major in software engineering instead

  15. FLAMESIS says:

    Who else is thinking of majoring in computer science just so that when they graduate they can become a hyper game hacker.

  16. Anthony Rapalo says:

    I have a s degree in IS and now not long before achieving my computer science degree. I’m going Into Databases. One can be either an administrator or developer of databases. I think DBAs are among the most paid too.

  17. Ricardo Burgos says:

    thanks so much for the content, really helpful for me trying to figure out of computer science or IT is what I want to do!

  18. Pouria SalehiKatozi says:

    In my opinion, Cyber Security and Java/C++ Developer are the best choices for the job and Mobile App Developer can be a good hobby in my future.

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    If input == “Yes”:
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    Elif input == “No”:
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    I only started my course don’t bully me for using Python, ty

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    can i do all these without a degree in cs? XD

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    I thought information technology and computer science are the same.

  29. Andrea DWS says:

    My university start with C++, but honestly i don't feel like work with that language. I don't like building desktop apps. I want to try different field before choosing in wich area to specialize, i'm courious about Game Development and Security.

  30. Sophia says:

    I know that UI/UX is something that I want to do but I know that it isn’t the most stable or the most in demand career. Another thing that catches my eye is App Development but I have been told my everyone around me that I won’t find any jobs with either careers. My dad told me to settle for something like software engineering but I’m not sure if that will give me the satisfaction of using my creative brain. I’m a high school student in the North Bay that plans to major in computer science, and potentially find work in the San Francisco area. Is there any “safe” careers that still allow me to be creative?

  31. SNKRhead Games says:

    Machine learning is probably the best way to go, they make the most money on average compared to any other area in CS

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    Computer Science is so vast and rewarding, I'm determined to pursue this as a career change. I also have an interest in art and design as well and it seems CS can certainly complement that, especially with Computer Graphics.

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    Can i have a bachelor in the business filed then a CS masters?

  40. Ke_vin ب_ب says:

    I just finished my Cybersecurity bachelor and I'm already bored of it 😂
    I got into it back in high school, because I enjoyed hacking passwords and breaking into things (I didn't talked much)… But now that I'm older, I'm more outgoing, and breaking into things is not fun anymore… especially since is illegal and you can't make money off doing this 😂

    I Just wanted to share this experience.. Now, I'm looking for work in IT 👀

    Though if anyone wants to get in cybersecurity, you need to have a purpose to do this… Like make security for the world better, or prove a point by being an activist… Your purpose can't be only money, because to make $100K in cybersecurity is not easy work if you don't enjoy the career.

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    I love the idea of hacking into a website or an application what should i do to prpepare or to be able to go into the major with a steady knowledge?

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  64. Al Agustin says:


  65. guest says:

    I work in IT for more than a decade now (in Europe) and things look a bit different from my perspective. First of all, IT is not a network-based job. It is a broad term to encompass all the fields related to computers (hardware, software, etc.). Also, I would add million other jobs:
    1. Developers. That's easy part. However, tens of different languages, hundreds of frameworks make it a separate category on it's own. Front-end, backend, etc.
    2. Testers. Yes, they are very often technical. With knowledge of programming laguages, scripting, operating systems.
    3. Analysts. There are different types of analysts. Business Analysts look at business requirements, validate them and translate them into language understandable by system analysts/developers. System Analysts look at more technical stuff like databases, how the existing code is already constructed, etc. They usually work closely with Business Analysts.
    4. Solution Architects. This role usually exists only in bigger companies where there is plenty of internal IT systems. Their role is to know all the connection points between systems and their constraints. This is very broad role that requires understanding both business perspective and technical limitations and also requires 'big picture' view and attention to details.
    5. Administrators. The whole army of people that make sure that all the hardware and software work in companies on a day to day basis.
    6. Technical Support. They have the hard job of listening to people that have no idea about technology and fixing their problems. These people should be paid highest salaries!
    7. Databases. You mentioned only DBAs but there are also Database Developers who code SQL most of the time. Also Database Designers.
    8. Project Managers. Yes, there are Technical PMs with broad understanding of technology. Also Scrum Masters if the company is doing Agile.
    9. Data. This field is very broad in itself. From Data Engineers (developers) to Data Analysts and Data Scientists, Data Visualization, etc.
    10.IT Managers. People who manage the whole technology stack in the company through various teams (developers, testers, admins, etc.)
    I think I mentioned all the biggest groups. There is plenty of other roles sometimes they are very niche, sometimes they are hybrids between two or three roles I've mentioned, i.e. Technical Business Analysts, Tech Leads, etc. Hope this helps somebody!
    I like your channel, keeps me motivated as I am currently transitioning from a Business Analyst to Data Science field (data enginerring). Thanks for all the videos you've made!

  66. Pancho Clownz says:

    Thoughts on being a web developer?

  67. Fuarian says:

    Is this still relevant? I've been told that Java is dying out. I've been told that Python is so versatile that it's taking the place of Java and C and pretty much all OOP. Even though Python can use that too.

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  91. 송J1N洪 says:

    I've been going back and forth watching videos about Computer Science and IT work because as a kid I knew it was always going to be my passion, I always knew my career had to be something that I had been sharpening since I was young because I had a genuine interest in it.
    I'm now in 9th grade and We have a sort of career track program that We have to take and I made the hard decision of taking the ICT (Information and communications technology) strand which means for the next 4 years, from 9th to 12th grade, I will be completely focused-in on things starting from Basic Robotics, robotics programming, then moving up to advanced Web Design, then Junior Programming.
    And this video has really helped me a lot on finding comfort in this, because for the past few years, despite this being my forte, I started being interested in other things, poetry, art, science in other fields, humanities, business, etc…
    I guess I started getting worried that I might be making the wrong decision, so I took to finding what job opportunities I could have with this, and this video has helped me to open my eyes a lot, since even if I thought that IT and Computer Science is very-large nowadays, I never knew what it actually was going to entail me, and I really had no one else except for the resources I had on YouTube and the internet to know what I was getting into. Thanks for the video!

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    I know it's still early but anybody got any advice?

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  95. Ozzy Ozzy says:

    Hello ForrestKnight I am really impressed by your video cause I am really interested in Computer Science and now I am further Determined and thank you for increasing my love with coding and I have subscribed you and liked you and commented.. Thank you. Bye bye. Pray for me so that I don't detract from my interest..

  96. LucasJG1994 says:

    Going into college for a CS diploma. In truth, I didn't really have a goal in mind. I started wanting to program to make games. But as I learned more about computers and how they were made. I thought to myself "It would be so beneficial if you could fix or build a computer from spare parts if your laptop went down."

    But there are other fields I have interests in as well. I've been thinking about artificial intelligence and game design. Thinking of experimenting on new ways of making games rather than following the same old formula. And also emulation.

    The thing is. These things I've mentioned are all based on personal interests. Fields that I wish to go into to improve my understanding of CS.

    When it comes to work-related fields. I'm thinking about becoming a web developer, working online. Or if it's in a real office, a computer engineer or technician.

    The thing is. I feel like I'd be very unsatisfied if I leave out hardware or software. I'd like to implement them together to fully feel accomplished in my learning journey.

    Sorry for the long rant here. This took me over a year to fully come to a decision as to what I want to be and what to do when I get my CS diploma.

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  100. joao saffran says:

    Actually, most of these jobs are not computer science exclusive, most computing-related degrees will teach you the background needed to become a professional at least in one of this 8 jobs, mainly web dev and IT jobs (some of those don't even require a degree though). If we think about the software layers we will have three main kinds of software: user's software, systems' software and "hardware's software". Computer Science stays with the systems software, which is responsible to link the other two layers, some examples are Compilers and Operating Systems. Since user's software is the one with most on demand, most people with some programming knowledge end up working developing this kind of solution. The software industry is really flexible about degree if you have an IT degree and want to work as a frontend developer, you may just learn how to do the job and then someone may hire you, noticing that some jobs are harder to get than others. Like, if you don't hold a cs degree and want to work as a mobile developer, you can be hired if you built a cool portfolio. However, if you want to be a compilers engineer than it can be more challenging.

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