Cara connect secara wireless di Windows 8

Hey everyone today I’m gonna be showing you how to connect to a wireless network using Windows 8. Now from your Start screen you just wanna move your mouse to the top right hand corner the screen until you see a toolbar come up. From
there you want to click on the Settings icon. From there the Settings menu should come up and you should have a wireless
connection icon. Once you click on it it should give you a list of all your
available wireless networks and then from there you just wanna click
on the network you want to connect to and then click on the connect button. Now
if the wireless network you’re trying to connect to is security enabled it will prompt you to enter in your
wireless network key or security key. And then once you’ve done that you just
one click on the Next button. Now it might just take a few seconds but the page should come back telling you that
you are connected to your network. You’ll be able to tell this by looking right at your wireless network. It should stay connected next to it. From there you just want to open up your web browser and your web page should come up.

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