Can I Use WiFi? Camera Settings for Wireless Transfer | Canon EOS M5 FAQ Video

Hello again, Izzy at Digital Goja showrooms. Here is one of the most frequently asked questions about the EOS M5. If this video helps you out remember hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to the channel for future frequently asked questions such as this and to share with fellow photographers and videographers. And don’t forget, when in Miami, visit Digital Goja showrooms. Digital Goja showrooms has one of the nation’s largest in-store selection of authorized Canon cameras and lenses. Can I use Wi-Fi? Well, not only Wi-Fi, they added also Bluetooth for a much more secure connectivity system. So we go into the menu and scroll to the toolbar and there you have your wireless settings, you have your Wi-Fi connection and notice how you can connect it. I have it set up for an iPhone or you can also connect it to a wireless printer, you can also set it to even a DLNA TV set monitors, so they made it really easy and secure to connect wirelessly to your smart devices. [Music]

3 comments on “Can I Use WiFi? Camera Settings for Wireless Transfer | Canon EOS M5 FAQ Video”

  1. Emmanuel Amissah says:

    Great video Izzy as always. please do my favour of teaching same topic on the Nikon d7100. I would be soo grateful

  2. Sahil Sehgal says:

    Can you please explain how to tether eos m5. I can not tether my m5 with computer. What wire do we need. Can it be done with the wire cane with the camera. And want to tether it with lightroom. Can u please help.

  3. Martin Farrow says:

    What they actually did was cripple the wi-fi so you can't copy your photos off over wi-fi – you have to use a cable – imagine that in 2019 having to plug in a cable

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