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How you communicate is important. Meet Coach Phil. He loves coaching but has trouble keeping everyone updated about practices, games, and cancellations. This is Pastor Jim. He has a lot of important things to say, but is having trouble growing his church. Principal Nancy just found out a bad storm is coming. She needs to let all of her students know to stay home today. That’s where CallingPost comes in, broadcasting your voice since 1995. Staying connected has never been easier. Simply select your group, record your message, and click send. Now everyone receives your personalized message and stays informed. Now Coach Phil and his players have more time for what they love. Pastor Jim’s church is growing thanks to his encouraging messages. And little Billy got the message in time to stay home from school today. Keep those you care about connected with CallingPost. You can use CallingPost on your smartphone, from your desktop, tablet, or even a landline phone. Start communicating today for free by downloading the CallingPost app or visit to see all of our available features.

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