Bose SoundSport Wireless – Unboxing + Setup

With no wires in the
way, Bose SoundSport wireless headphones keep
you moving with earbuds that stay secure and comfortable. We’ll get you ready to stream
music from your smartphone or tablet. Let’s start by carefully
unpacking the carton and confirm that the
following parts are included: The Bose SoundSport
wireless headphones with a removable clothing clip. The carry case Extra StayHear plus
Sport tips, one set of large and one set of small. The medium tips are already
attached to the earbuds. a USB cable, and a
quick start guide. To charge the headphones,
open the hinged door on the bottom of
the right earbud. Then plug in the small
end of the USB cable into the USB connector. Plug the other end into a
USB wall charger or computer that’s powered on. The battery indicator blinks
amber while it’s charging. When the battery is fully
charged it’ll glow green. To power on, press and release
the Power Bluetooth button on the right ear bud until
the battery indicator glows, and you hear the power-up
tones in the earbud. Now let’s walk through
pairing your headphones with your Bluetooth device. The headphones are ready
to pair out of the box. you will hear “Ready to pair”
and the Bluetooth indicator blinks blue. Next, on your Bluetooth device,
turn on the Bluetooth feature. This is usually found
in the settings menu. Finally, select your Bose
SoundSport headphones from the device list. Once paired, you’ll hear
“Connected to Alisa’s Smartphone” and the
Bluetooth indicator will glow solid white. if your device supports
it, you can also pair using Near Field
Communication or NFC. To pair using NFC, power
on your headphones, and turn on the Bluetooth and
NFC features on your device Then, tap the NFC touchpoint
on your Bluetooth device to the back of
the inline remote. Your device may prompt
you to accept pairing. Additionally, you can download
our free Bose Connect app from the iTunes app store
or the Google Play store That’s it. you’re ready to
enjoy your new Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones. To turn them off, just press and
hold the Power/Bluetooth button until it blinks three times and
you hear the power-down tones. For additional help using your
headphones, visit our website.

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